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Nathan Phillips Toronto Holidays
I'm pretty sure all my upcoming recent life posts will be quite Christmas-sy! Yesterday evening I randomly stumbled upon the Holiday Fair in the Square at Nathan Phillips Square when I was passing by. The skating rink is there every year but this year they added a Christmas market sort of thing with a lot of food trucks, stalls and a few rides. Pretty fun and festive. We still don't have snow here in downtown Toronto, but it was freeeeezing yesterday. My hands were frozen while I was walking around taking these photos.

Nathan Phillips Square skating
Holiday Fair in the Square
food trucks Toronto
Holiday Fair in the Square
Holiday Fair in the Square
Eaton Centre Christmas
ebar Toronto
Then I went into the mall to warm up and to get a drink and macarons at my new favourite cafe - ebar at Nordstrom. I LOVE apple cider during the holidays so I tried theirs which is caramel apple cider. It was pretty bad to be honest lol. I'm just going to stick with regular apple cider from now on. The macarons are made by Delysees. When I was sitting here a man came and put his bags down at my table. Then he called someone and talked for awhile mostly complaining about the bad customer service he just got while doing his Christmas shopping. Then after he got off the phone he kept mumbling about it to himself lol.

macarons ebar
leftbanked outfit
gingerbread man
This is from another day also at Nordstrom. They had a shopping event where I got this gingerbread man (I LOVE gingerbread too). I used to very rarely go to the mall but ever since Nordstrom and Saks opened, especially the food hall, I've been going there all the time.

ebar Toronto Nordstrom
Saks shopping
Louis Vuitton holiday window
snapchat filters
I wish Snapchat filters could be used in real life! lol. Love this one. Feel free to add me (username: leftbanked)!



  1. You're so lucky to live in a big city where there is so much going on! I realise that I see the same people every day here in Lux...

    1. yea it is nice being in a big city! you are welcome to visit again! ;)


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