552. Recent Life | The Week before Christmas

Nadege Christmas
I love the Christmas season! I always do more and take a lot of photos during this time that I can barely keep up with my blog. I also love buying presents and festive food like the gingerbread and macarons above (from Nadege)..as well as Williams Sonoma of course! They're always my favourite 2 places to shop at this time of year. So this week has been quite eventful..here is a big photo update:

Christmas Market Toronto
Last Sunday my friend and I went to the Christmas Market at the Distillery District. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing because I hadn't planned to go there this year. But that day it finally snowed here in downtown, and I felt it would've made the perfect atmosphere! I know they are usually extremely busy on weekends, but because there was so much snow that day not a lot of people went and we didn't have to line up at all. Apparently some people lined up 2 hours on some days. It was so much fun and festive!

Christmas Market Toronto
Distillery Christmas Market Toronto
Christmas Market Toronto
Distillery Christmas Market
Distillery District Christmas Market
Christmas moose
Toronto Christmas market
Distillery Christmas Market apple cider
Apple cider is my favourite winter drink!! I remember the first year when I went to the Christmas Market (it was also the first year they did it), I had so much Gl├╝hwein and was obsessed with it. We had it beside a fire pit which now they don't have..actually they do have them on a restaurant patio this year but it's not as authentic. The first year they actually made the fire with logs and they had to keep turning the logs and putting more in as they burned. The ashes kept flying in my face but I loved it. This year they only have gas fire pits (I think) and not that many of them as before.

Distillery Christmas Market
gingerbread house Christmas Market
pink Christmas trees
I really want to visit a Christmas Market in Europe one year..especially in Germany. It's one of the things on my bucket list. Maybe next year...?

Beer Bistro salmon
For dinner we decided to come back to our area/Beer Bistro. I always get the salmon dish when I come now. It's the best salmon I've had in Toronto. They changed it now unfortunately..but this one is still good. One of the reasons I love blogging is to document my life so I can read back in the future..here is an example. THIS (in the first photo) is what their salmon used to be like.

Royal York Hotel Christmas
Afterwards, we went to the Royal York Hotel for some dessert at their Library Bar. I wanted to come here to see their Christmas decorations as well. It always feels so cozy here and I love coming around the holidays. This year it looks like they didn't do much decor though..before they had a train going around the tree, a huge gingerbread house, Christmas Carol carvings/statues, etc.

Royal York Hotel Christmas
Library Bar Royal York
library bar desserts
Dundas Square Christmas
festive nails
Festive nails!

Ichikami hair products
Finally here is a non Christmas related photo lol. They are hair products I bought from Japan. It's my favourite..the scent is soooo nice (smells kind of like peach). I've bought them here as well but obviously they're a lot more expensive here. In Japan they're just like regular drugstore hair products. They're really good though. I wanted to buy more while I was there but they were just too heavy to bring back.

view of Toronto
Here is my view which you've probably seen me post a million times already..but I can never get tired of it. The sky looked really cool that evening so I had to take a shot. It looks better in person though.

gingerbread snowman
Gingerbread snowman!! I bought a box of these as well as the white/sugar cookie version. They're sooo good. Gingerbread is my favourite food during the holidays (while apple cider is my favourite drink). They are from Mad Batter Bakers - I think they make the best gingerbread.

Williams Sonoma apple cider
Apple Cider Williams Sonoma
For apple cider, my favourite is from Williams Sonoma and Second Cup (but the Second Cup ones are really hard to find).

Cactus Club
Last night I went out with a friend from my building and her friend who I met for the first time. We went to Cactus Club's rooftop lounge. It was a lot of fun! Luckily Cactus Club is connected to my building from the underground path, so we didn't have to venture out in the snowstorm or bring coats either. Also I was able to wear heels instead of the moon boots you see behind me in the photo below hahah. After that we came back to our lobby bar for some late night food. & met some interesting engineers after their work party in my building's ballroom.

Here was my outfit!

leftbanked outfit



  1. Just put up my Christmas market pics and I see that you did the same. It would be cool if we could go to a Christmas market in Germany together one day! And nice to see that you went back to Cactus - strange how I can now attach a memory to certain places. I definitely have to revisit Toronto in the next couple of years.

    1. I'll check out your post now!
      Yes we should..we should plan it for next winter :D

  2. I enjoy Toronto too during Christmas time. So much to see and so festive. I got to try the apple cider at Williams Sonoma.

    1. I agree..& I'm sure you would love it!

  3. Such a lovely festive post - save me a cup of the apple cider!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  4. Yum to apple cider drinks and hooray for Christmas markets! Happy Holidays x

  5. I love going to the Christmas market too as they always put me in a Christmas mood. And i do miss those fire pits as well.

    I hope they bring it back next year!


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