603. Recent Life / October Part 1

Casa Loma Legends of Horror
The past couple of weeks felt like a dream. A lot has happened..mostly good things, and I definitely am not taking anything for granted. I really have to force myself to start updating my blog more often again (as I always say hahah). I'm going to make a serious effort to do so again. Just have to be better at managing my time & priorities. I feel I have more motivation these days though.

On Friday we went to Legends of Horror at Casa Loma which was so much fun!! I really enjoyed it. I've never gone to these types of things before and haven't celebrated Halloween in many years but this year I kind of want to go all out for it. Actually it will depend on if I can decide on/get a costume in time. For Legends of Horror you walk around the gardens of the castle, a haunted house, then stop for a drink (which I would not recommend - worst tasting cocktails ever lol) at the bar...then through the haunted underground tunnel to the horse stables.

Shangri-La Toronto
leftbanked outfit
greenhouse juice
leftbanked hennessy
1 King West club sandwich
Lately I've become obsessed with the club sandwich in my lobby bar lol

Caprese salad
leftbanked outfit
Royal York Hotel
Library Bar Toronto
leftbanked outfit
Washroom selfie at Earls last night. I went there for dinner last night to catch up with a friend..we stayed for over three hours there I'm pretty sure. Half our time was spent laughing about our waiter, who was THE MOST cringey waiter ever. He was overly friendly and did/said a lot of un-natural things we knew was just an obvious attempt at getting a larger tip lol. It was so funny though.

thanksgiving dinner O&B
This Thanksgiving was very special to me, mostly because I have a lot to be thankful for this year and also because one month ago I had a dream about my Thanksgiving weekend which was something I was hoping would come true. & it actually did in a way. A few friends/neighbours and I went to O&B down the street from us for our turkey dinner. It was so good and a nice relaxing evening.

Toronto Financial District


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  1. I like the pic of you in the white jumper. Lucky you, you have the time to go out and socialise... something I'm currently only dreaming about :(


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