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So I have one more post left from my Rockies Roadtrip...then I should get back to posting the rest from my Asia trip which was exactly one year ago!!! My Asia trip last year was Oct 14 to Nov 8 2016. Right now I still have 32 more posts to make from that lol. & I am determined to post it all. I think I will be going back to Asia (& Europe) within the next year so I should finish those posts before my next trip.

The weather here in Toronto has gotten really cold now. I started wearing my winter clothes and last night I even turned on the heat. I can't believe it's almost the Christmas season again. This year flew by so fast. It feels like just yesterday I was in Asia when it was already a year ago. & I still remember my Christmas and New Year's celebrations as if they just happened. It was a really good year for me (starting with my major renovations which I am still obsessed with and haven't fully completed yet) and right now I am probably the happiest I've ever been. I am excited for what is to come. It's funny how life can change so drastically and unexpectedly in such a short amount of time. More on this in a future post. It's still too early to do a "year in review" type of post lol.

Here are some photos from the past few weeks which I realize now consist of 90% food. I am going to make a conscious effort from now on to take less food pics and more of other things (like I used to do years ago on this blog)

Sud Forno Temperence
I recently discovered Sud Forno which actually opened a few months ago, literally a 3 minute walk from my place, and I can't believe it took me so long to go. It's not my new food/restaurant addiction. I even came here one day when I wasn't even hungry but just for the sake of going since I love it so much. The food is really good and the decor is beautiful.

Sud Forno Temperence
Sud Forno salad bar
Sud Forno desserts
Sud Forno drinks
Sud Forno pizza
Torta Caprese
Something maybe a bit strange about me is that I really dislike chocolate. The only chocolate-y thing I LOVE is Torta Caprese. I first tried this when I went to Capri last year and my hotel gave me a delicious one. Since then I have tried to find a good one in Toronto but haven't been successful until I discovered Sud Forno's. It was amazing. Tastes a bit different from the one I had in Capri but it was still delicious and I will be going back quite often for it.

leftbanked freddy pants
pumpkin pasta
You may remember my pumpkin obsession which started at the beginning of Autumn. Tonight I finally made a pumpkin pasta which was I must say is really really good. I don't know why I didn't think it would be that good when I first started making it lol. It is probably my favourite pasta I've ever made. I made it with pumpkin puree, spinach, mushrooms, and a bit of coconut milk. I have a few more cans of pumpkin so trying to decide what to make next.

Green Grotto Toronto downtown
Green Grotto Toronto
Green Grotto dessert
Sukhothai Wellington
A very successful attempt at paella!! ❤

leftbanked stellasport
One King West club sandwich
Another new and recent obsession: the "Tower Club Sandwich" in my building's restaurant

waffle fries Milestones
Toronto Financial District


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  1. Oh but I love your food pics! Please keep posting.


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