627. Recent Life

leftbanked outfit
I feel like I haven't done a "recent life" post like this in awhile..I guess it has been at least a month because of Blogmas in December. After this I do plan to finish my Asia posts from 2016 lol. I guess "finish" is a bit too ambitious but I hope to get as much of them posted before my next trip. I probably said this many times before.
Nothing too eventful has been happening lately. I've been a fairly busier with work these days, I've also been getting into cryptocurrency (on a very small scale and I am just starting out) and planning for some exciting things to come in the near and not-so-near future!
Here are a bunch of photos taken recently and of course they mostly consist of food..

Hapa Izakaya
Toronto tunnel
Ramen Isshin ginger ale
Assembly Chefs Hall
Ramen Isshin menu
Assembly Chefs Hall Reyna
Yamato teppanyaki
For my dad's birthday dinner we went for a teppanyaki dinner at Yamato. I haven't gone in a really long time. The food was pretty good but the chef didn't do that many tricks..

Yamato teppanyaki
Yamato teppanyaki
green tea ice cream
Craft Toronto
leftbanked outfit
My mom bought this coat for herself but ended up not liking it so she gave it to me..it's pretty big on me but that's how the style is supposed to be I guess. I like the huge collar though.


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