629. Hong Kong | Snapshots

Hong Kong lights
I guess one of the advantages to being sick, especially on a weekend, is that I got caught up on a LOT of work today (though at a slower pace than usual) and two blog posts in one day! I know it has been forever since I did an Asia update but I will try to do as many as possible this week. At least one post a day. Editing these Hong Kong photos makes me miss it. I didn't go to Asia in all of 2017. Hopefully I will be able to again sometime this year..

Fendi windows
window shopping
I'm pretty behind on these Asia posts but you can't really tell in any of the photos except these (if you are familiar with which season of Fendi it's from hahahh)

Hong Kong
Hong Kong markets
Hong Kong markets
Hong Kong desserts
One of my favourite memories..going out for late night desserts every night with my family there.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong shopping
Hong Kong streets
Hong Kong SOGO
Hong Kong skyline
Hong Kong ferris wheel
Lippo Centre
One of my favourite buildings there.

blue ice cream
Hong Kong International Airport
view from the plane
view from the plane
view from the plane


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