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I was supposed to have left for Spain/Europe last weekend but due to a last minute situation our trip is now postponed to a few more weeks from now. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and it's weird how true this can be at times. A few (minor) things came up this week that made me realize it was better to have been in Toronto still for it. & I suppose a few weeks from now it will be warmer there so that would be nicer too. So here are some photos from this past week. As usual, mostly of food..

El Catrin
A Mexican dinner at El Catrin..it was my first time there. I really loved it!

El Catrin
El Catrin
churros El Catrin
Hennessy Pomeranian
At the groomer's..he's always terrified lol.

stellasport leftbanked

Terroni decor
Terroni pizza
Terroni dinner #1 (above) & #2 (below):

Terroni Adelaide
Terroni Adelaide
Terroni gelato
leftbanked outfit
chicken breast
roast potatoes and broccoli
Some recent cooking

sangria Barsa Taberna
Spanish dinner at Barsa Taberna last night. I came here many years ago when they first opened and sat out on the patio. Last night we sat inside (of course)..it's kind of like a cave in there. Pretty nice and cozy. The food was pretty good. & I really liked the sangria.

pan con tomate
Barsa Taberna Patatas Bravas
Fideos del Campo Barsa Taberna
Fideos del Campo Barsa Taberna
Barsa Taberna Costilla de Cordero
Barsa Taberna dessert



  1. Can't wait to take selfies in these elevators / lifts too :)


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