638. Recent Life

leftbanked desk
Every time when I make a "recent life" post I either feel like typing a lot/getting somewhat personal, or having nothing to write at all. Tonight it's the latter. This is just for the sake of having some text here. Sometimes I wish I could go back to how my blog was a few years ago when I was more comfortable writing about every detail of my life lol.
So I've been making more of an effort to not have all my posts consist strictly of food photos. I think I'm getting better at it..slowly.

leftbanked dog walking
Warmer weather = more and longer dog walks! & more colours.

Crazy Rich Asians
My sister gave me this as one of my Christmas gifts a few months ago and I only got around to reading it this past weekend (prior to that I spent a lot of time catching up on my huuuuge stack of magazines which I was really behind on. I have that more under control now). This is the first fiction book I've read in a really long time. Several years ago I no longer had any interest in fiction books since I didn't have much time to read for leisure and I felt they were a waste of time. I usually just read non-fiction books and magazines if they contribute something to my knowledge/life but reading this provided some much needed stress relief. It's a pretty entertaining book and I can relate to some Chinese cultural things they talk about so that makes it even more interesting for me. I even went to buy the second one in the series today.

Starting to get back into cooking again.

Hennessy Pomeranian
Tower Club 1 King West
downward dog
The gym in my building is finally, finally open again!! It was under renovations for several months. It is a lot bigger than it used to be and there are more machines now. I thought it would take me awhile to get back into the routine of going but so far so good. I've been going every other day or every two days.
I took this photo above using self timer on my phone. After many attempts. I really hope they weren't watching me on the security cameras..I was setting it then running back to get in position, quickly doing a downward dog in time for the snap while trying to have a perfect form. All while hoping nobody would walk by and see hahah.

gym sandals
Oh and here are my "gym sandals" ;)

Toronto Financial District
King and Bay Toronto
Gyu Kaku
Dinner at Gyu-Kaku. Normally I don't like these places where you have to "cook your own food". But I really enjoyed this and their meats were all delicious!

Gyu Kaku
I was excited to see taiyaki on the menu but unfortunately it didn't taste that good. So I was inspired to go and get my own....

H Mart Food
I discovered this H Mart opened in downtown and within walking distance to my place. It's a Korean grocery store and they sell a lot of different Asian foods. I came in search of ice cream which I successfully found..and also found a lot of other things I wanted to buy and try. Many Asian foods and snacks that I used to eat when I was younger. I felt so nostalgic lol. I will definitely be going back a lot more.

Japanese drink
lychee candy
Hennessy Pomeranian
La Carnita tortilla chips
Dinner last night at La Carnita.

La Carnita corn
This corn was so good!! But messy to eat..

La Carnita tacos
Green Tea Black Sesame Ice Cream
Then late night dessert at home.

I realize now I wrote quite a lot in this post even though I said in the beginning I wouldn't hahah.



  1. Lovely photos! Your dog is adorable :)

    The Style Collector

  2. this made me crave cut up fruit

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