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My birthday is coming up in a few days. I didn't celebrate much in recent years (with the exception of last year) but this year I do have a few plans and several birthday dinners! For the first, I went with my mom and sister for dinner at Byblos (yes - I went last week as well!). This time I knew better on which dishes to order and we also took some recommendations from my sister's boss as it's one of his favourite restaurants. We were one of the first to arrive and stayed for three hours..

Byblos Toronto
We got the Spanish Octopus, Sabzi Qatayef and Black Truffle Pide to start. All of them were really good. I really liked the smokey seasoning on the octopus. The Sabzi Qatayef was similar to empanadas. They were filled with really tender braised oxtail, topped with jalapeno schug and sheep's yogurt. The pide had buffalo mozzarella, halloumi, creme fraiche and of course black truffle. I think I'd love all their pides.

Byblos lamb shoulder
This was the Roasted Lamb Shoulder. It comes like this and you make your own wrap. We also got the Crispy Hand-Rolled Couscous mixed with collards and halloumi.

Byblos pavlova
Byblos desserts
Finally for dessert...the Pavlova and Pistachio Ice Cream bar. The pavlova was like a shell of lemon meringue which is cracked open to reveal a strawberry sorbet, white chocolate, milk crumble cake-thing.

Hennessy Pomeranian
Hennessy Pomeranian
Alibaba book
I recently got this book about Alibaba and Jack Ma's life. I've always been fascinated by him and the company. It's very interesting so far. Some parts are pretty inspirational and I also got emotional at some parts lol. Now I also ordered a few more books related to Alibaba which are on the way...

El Caballito
Hennessy Pomeranian
leftbanked shoes



  1. We'll have a drink to celebrate your birthday when I'm around!

    1. Lol yes we must! I wish you could've been here for it!


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