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King Edward Toronto
I don't think I was as successful with taking more non-food photos this time around, as that's what this post will mostly consist of.
Some random photos taken in the past few weeks:

Figo Toronto
Dinner last night at Figo. I really liked the interiors in there. For appetizers we got the fried calamari and zucchini fritti. I loved the zucchini fritti..it was my first time ever having them. They were pretty filling though. I got my usual margherita pizza (this is the only pizza I order any time I order pizza lol) & the Pom Fizz cocktail. My boyfriend got the Despacito (which is pretty fitting since that was his nickname for a long time..hahahh. I'm also listening to the song while I make this post.) For dessert we got the Chocolate Almond Torta which I thought would taste like a Torta Caprese but unfortunately it didn't. We probably shouldn't have ordered it since we were already extremely full from the food.

Figo zucchini calamari
Figo Pizza
Figo Dessert
Dog Perignon
I managed to find Hennessy (my dog) a new Dog Perignon toy! He had one many years ago but it got destroyed..& I've been wanting a replacement ever since.

Dinner at Zakkushi, a Japanese yakitori izakaya. You order per skewer. I liked the concept and atmosphere in there (it felt pretty authentic) but the food was just ok. My favourite was the carbonara udon. I was pretty disappointed by the takoyaki and dessert though.

Zakkushi dessert
Dagu Crossing the Bridge Noodles
Lunch with my mom at Dagu Rice Noodle. This place doesn't have really good reviews but we really liked it. We both got the tomato "Crossing the Bridge" noodles. The broth was delicious and flavourful. This was my second time having Crossing the Bridge noodles. If you are interested in the origins/story behind the name, I posted about it here last time (scroll down).

Pablo ice cream
Money Heist
My boyfriend recommended Money Heist to me, and I watched the entire series within 3-4 days. It's sooooo good and addictive!! I highly recommend it. It's in Spanish though but comes with subtitles on Netflix.

Byblos Pide
Dinner at Byblos. I really loved this place. When choosing a restaurant for that night I wanted to try something ethnic and different. Byblos is Eastern Mediterranean/Middle Eastern cuisine. The pide (above) was my favourite. Everything was delicious and I feel for next time I would know better for what to order..since we kind of over-ordered on the rice lol:

Byblos Toronto
The top left is an all-rice dish ("Sweet Jeweled") mixed with almonds, barberries, saffron and carrots. Then we got the lamb ("Tah-Dig") which was topped with a lot more rice. Then we got a side of couscous. Everything was really good though. For dessert we got the Loukoumades, a Greek dessert very beautifully decorated with flower petals:

Loukoumades Byblos
I really liked the interior here as well (I feel I say this for all the restaurants I go) but I couldn't take good photos of it since it was so dark. I loved the round couch seats.

China Rich Girlfriend
I posted in my previous "Recent Life" post about reading Crazy Rich Asians and being addicted to it. I finished it in a matter of days and got the sequel, China Rich Girlfriend which I also finished pretty quickly. Those were the first books I've read in years lol. Now I started reading again and have decided to go through my stack of unread books:

Liars Poker
John Keats quote
Kinton Ramen
leftbanked outfit
Library Bar tea
shrimp scampi
Walrus Pub
Dinner at Walrus Pub, a brand new "pub" that opened around the corner from me. The food was ok. I liked the interiors (as usual)!

Walrus Toronto salmon
Adega octopus
Since I tend to always go back to the same places..one of the (many) good things about being in a relationship is trying a lot of different restaurants, so here is the final one of this post (of very many lol). Last weekend we went for dinner at Adega, a Portuguese/Spanish restaurant. They're famous for the octopus. It seemed all the tables ordered it. I also think we over-ordered on the appetizers here since I was already kind of full before the mains arrived. We got two types of croquettes; beef and prosciutto along with the octopus in the photo above.

Adega croquettes
Adega risotto
Adega poached pears



  1. Looking forward to meeting Despacito and Hennessy :)

  2. They look forward to meeting you too!!


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