719. Thanksgiving Weekend + Autumn in Toronto

Tommy Thompson Park Fall
I think Fall/Autumn has now become my favourite season. When I was younger, my favourite used to be summer since it meant a few months of no school. Now I love this time of year when the weather becomes cooler (but not too cold) and the leaves start changing colours. It just feels so cozy. I also have an obsession with pumpkins.

This past weekend we went for a walk in Tommy Thompson Park which is just east of downtown. I've never been there before (or even heard of it). It was really nice. We also got some nice drone shots:

Toronto skyline from above
despacito Tommy Thompson Park
leftbanked despacito Tommy Thompson Park
mini pumpkins
leftbanked pumpkin
Picked up a little pumpkin!

leftbanked pumpkin
organic pumpkin
Also made a pumpkin cake.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery Fall
I love walking through cemeteries. I find them so peaceful and beautiful, especially in the Fall. Last weekend we had a stroll through Mount Pleasant.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery Autumn
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Fall
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Toronto view from CN Tower
Thanksgiving dinner at the CN Tower's 360 Restaurant.

360 Restaurant beet salad
Toronto view from CN Tower
360 Restaurant CN Tower
360 Restaurant Elk
I had elk. It was delicious but the portion was quite small.

360 Restaurant dessert
Caramel apple dessert.

Toronto view from CN Tower
The view at night!

Toronto view from CN Tower


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