733. Christmas Part 3 & New Year's

1KW NYE 2020
Finally the first post of 2020! I haven't had much time to blog these days (or motivation) unfortunately as I've just relaxed during the holidays, then got quite busy with work after the new year. Also I've been in my reading phase so I've just been doing that a lot in my spare time. Here is what we did over Christmas and New Year's Eve. This was my building's NYE decorations. They always go pretty over-the-top with them but I love it! (The bottom part of my building used to be a bank many years ago (the headquarters of TD) so that's why we have a vault downstairs). The first year I moved in here, I celebrated NYE in my lobby. I remember that was quite an eventful night as there was a shooting at the party in the vault (I think it was 2-3 shots fired and nobody got hurt though). I didn't see it happen as I was in the lobby but I did see the guy run out with a gun.

Akira Back cocktails
On Christmas Eve, my boyfriend & I went for dinner at Akira Back.

Akira Back tuna pizza
Our favourite dish..the tuna pizza!

Akira Back Toronto
Akira Back sushi rolls
Akira Back black sesame cheesecake
Santorini Puzzle
Christmas puzzle of Santorini! Unfortunately it's still maybe only 15% completed.

Gyu Kaku
On Christmas Day we went to Gyu-Kaku (one of the few restaurants open)

Gyu Kaku
Gyu Kaku smores
dim sum
Then a dim sum lunch with my mom.

dim sum
Australia postcard
A nice surprise from my friend who spent the holidays in Australia!

leftbanked Adidas outfit
matcha cookies kitchenaid
Making our favourite matcha cookies.

Awkward Ty Tashiro book
One of the books I recently read. I think I'll do a big post soon of all the books I've read lately (and my review)

Chotto Matte Toronto NYE
For NYE we went for dinner at Chotto Matte.

Chotto Matte Toronto
pisco sour
Pisco Sours

Chotto Matte Toronto
Chotto Matte Toronto
Chotto Matte Toronto
Chotto Matte dessert
80s style Adidas outfit
My 80s aerobics style inspired outfit.

The Millionaire Next Door
Another recent book I've just read.

Dineen Commerce Court
One of my work spots.


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  1. like the white nails. very chic!! happy new year


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