736. La Coruna in November | Part 2

Tower of Hercules La Coruna
Finally after months of delay..here is my final post of my November Edinburgh & La Coruna trip! I'm thinking now that I've completed all the "recent" vacation posts maybe I can go back and finish the leftover Asia posts from years ago hahah. I still want to post them all eventually as I don't like having things undone. No matter how long its been. Since the current coronavirus has delayed our travel plans (we were originally planning to visit China in April)..I can now have a bit of time to catch up on travel posts.

Above is the Tower of Hercules, an ancient Roman lighthouse in La Coruna. It's the oldest of its kind still in use today.

La Coruna Spain
La Coruna restaurant
La Coruna restaurant
La Coruna restaurant
La Coruna oceanfront apartments
La Coruna harbour
La Coruna architecture
Some buildings have really intricate and beautiful detailing.

La Coruna streets
La Coruna beach
La Coruna streets
La Coruna crepes
banana chocolate crepe
Despacito yawning
So bored of me!

La Coruna cafe
La Coruna cafe
I really loved the style of this cafe. It was so cozy. I wish we had similar in Toronto.

La Coruna streets


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