743. Goodbye Toronto!

Union Station Toronto
Hi everyone! I'm currently sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight. I have been too busy these days to update about it. But I will be going away for an indefinite number of months..first to Europe and hopefully will make it to Asia at some point too (when they open up their borders). I will definitely be updating more often during my travels! I am a bit nervous to be travelling during COVID but we will just be going to safer destinations (where there are not a lot of cases and with adequate healthcare). I guess it will also be quite interesting to experience the world during these times. The airport right now is pretty empty which I like.

So the first place we are going is Azores and will be there for a month. Can't wait to arrive and relax a bit!


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  1. The islands of the Azores look like a beautiful and fascinating destination!
    Best wishes for safe flights and all the best on all of your travels and adventures.

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