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boarding passes Europe
Hello from Azores! We have finally arrived at our home for the next month..after a whirlwind trip to Lisbon, Madrid and back (all within a 24 hour time frame). The COVID situation in mainland Europe is pretty bad at the moment and I can understand why. Unlike what I've experienced so far in Toronto (a drastic decrease in usual crowds and lots of social distancing precautions everywhere), in Europe it seems a bit more relaxed and there were still a lot of people at the airports. In the Toronto airport it was empty when we departed and most people I've encountered anywhere (on the streets and indoors) stay a safe distance away. Here in Europe, there is no distancing when lining up or walking and as you can see from these floor stickers from the airport bus, people are not required to stand at least 6 feet apart like we do in Toronto. At the airport people were walking super close to me too.

However, Azores is pretty strict which I will explain below.

Europe social distancing
travelling during COVID
Some travellers take it pretty seriously though (they are from China so I guess they are used to this)

COVID Test Ponta Delgada airport

To enter Azores, ALL travellers (even their own residents), must either:
- Have a negative COVID test taken in a foreign country signed by an official within the past 3 days. Then take another test here after 6 days.
- Or take a COVID test immediately upon arrival, and another one after 6 days if staying for long.
- Of course the third option is to leave and return to where you came from.

We took a test in Toronto before leaving but wasn't aware the results would be posted up 1 day after. So we ended up having our test results 4 days prior to arriving in Azores (which was just past the cutoff), so we had to take it today upon arrival.

We lined up almost an hour I think (same as in Toronto). I wasn't too nervous since I already did it once and didn't feel it was that bad. It was uncomfortable but I was able to handle it.

This time, it was wayyyy worse. It was super painful when they stuck the nasal swab up by nose. It went so deep I think it came out with some blood. & it was almost to the point where I wanted to push his hand away to stop going in further lol. In addition to that, they also stick one down your throat which was also super uncomfortable and makes you gag.

Unfortunately we have to take another test in 6 days since we will be here long. I guess it's a good thing they have these precautions in place though..so we can be a bit more relaxed and safe in public.

COVID Testing Azores
Ponta Delgada Azores
Finally arrived! This is the street we are staying at. The streets here kind of remind me of Cusco in Peru. They are pretty narrow with a small sidewalk on each side..lined with small houses and a lot of cobblestone.

A Tasca Azores
Our first meal at this cute restaurant

A Tasca Ponta Delgada
We got octopus and smoked Azorean sausages. It was delicious! Can't wait to try more local dishes.

Polva a Feira A Tasca


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