829. Zagreb Part 1 | First Days in Croatia!

Zagreb park
Finally here is my first post of Zagreb! This is the 34th country I've visited I believe. Now we've been here about a week. I've always wanted to visit Croatia but to be honest I always picture the Dalmatian Coast when I think of the country, and have always wanted to visit Dubrovnik. For our month in the country, our base will be Zagreb. It was the only city we were able to fly direct into and for a longer-term stay, I think it is most convenient. At first I didn't have any expectations of Zagreb and was wondering if we should've stayed along the coast instead..but now I really like it here. We will be doing small trips to different areas starting with Rovinj tomorrow! I first discovered Rovinj on Instagram and am excited to be able to go. I hope we'll also be able to visit places in Slovenia (Ljubljana and Piran) as well as we are literally on the border, but I'm not sure what the entry requirements will be at this time.

Zagreb reminds me slightly of Prague (where I've visited) and what I imagine Poland to be like (which I've never visited). It looks like Eastern Europe but not to an extreme. There are some communist style buildings and a lot of graffiti around the city. It feels very safe here and the streets are very clean. We've also been getting nice sunny weather every day. It's a very quiet and laid-back city. Kind of feels like being in the outskirts of a larger city (or a large "small town") but in fact we are in the country's capital. I think if you're taking a regular vacation here, 1 or 2 days is enough to explore the city as it's fairly small. There are a LOT of random and quirky museums (for example the Museum of Broken Relationships and a mushroom museum too lol). Overall I am enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would.

We've been spending our days just walking around the city and sitting at cafes to read. A nice change from Bangkok where we were confined for a month. Thailand is still very bad with rising COVID cases. I'm glad we got out in time but it makes me sad to think of the country struggling to deal with it.

Zagreb park I think my favourite area of the city so far is here around the large park

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