830. Rovinj Part 1 | A Hidden Gem of Croatia

Rovinj drone shot
Some days ago, I saw a photo similar to this one on Instagram and remembered it was somewhere in Croatia. I found out it's Rovinj. The name sounded familiar to me but I didn't know anything about it. I was happy to find out it was only a few hours away from Zagreb so we planned a short trip there. I mainly wanted to get some drone shots of the town since it looks super cool and unique sticking out from the mainland like that. I ended up loving the entire place a lot more than I thought I would. I will say it's one of my favourite European towns of its kind. When you search images of Rovinj, it's mainly this scene from above. What you don't see much of are the interior shots of the town - a quintessential small European village atmosphere; historic cobblestone streets, colourful buildings, laundry hanging out windows and cozy restaurants/cafes tucked in alleyways. So it was a nice surprise for me as I LOVE towns like that. Especially if they are also by the sea.

I was also surprised to see a lot of people there. Mainly they were domestic tourists and many Europeans from neighbouring countries. However I feel at a more international level, Rovinj still seems like a hidden gem. When people visit Croatia they usually go to Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Plitvice Lakes etc but Rovinj and the Istria region doesn't seem as popular yet. I guess if I was coming to Croatia any other time (during a regular trip), I'd probably only visit Dubrovnik. I've wanted to go there for the longest time. We will plan a short trip there as well this month.

leftbanked despacito Rovinj Rovinj restaurants Rovinj streets Rovinj Croatia Rovinj Croatia Rovinj Croatia Rovinj food
My gnocchi was soooo good. There's a lot of Italians living in Rovinj (it's directly across from Italy/Venice) so there is a lot of pizza, pasta and gelato here. I ate way too much.

Rovinj Croatia Rovinj Arch Rovinj breakfast Rovinj Croatia view Rovinj Croatia Rovinj Croatia Rovinj Croatia leftbanked Rovinj Croatia Rovinj Croatia Rovinj Croatia Rovinj CroatiaSat here to read for awhile. One of our favourite pasttimes these days

Rovinj Croatia Rovinj Istria Rovinj Croatia Rovinj Croatia Rovinj Croatia Rovinj Istria Tik Tak Rovinj Rovinj Istria Bookeria Rovinj Rovinj Croatia


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