850. Mexico Part 2 | Los Cabos

los cabos sunset
I've only just realized we have been in Los Cabos for almost 6 months now. As I mentioned in my previous post, we used this as our base and also travelled to other places in between. Tomorrow we will leave to go back to Europe for awhile, starting with Spain. We are leaving just in time now as the weather here in Los Cabos is getting worse - extremely hot (high 30s) and almost hurricane season. We have had a few thunderstorms here these days when in the first months there was no rain at all. The worst part is all the insects that come after the rain. Flying rain and what looks like desert termites that somehow get in our house. However even if the weather was still nice here, I'm not sure if I will miss this place. It's nice to be for people who just want to lay on the beach and relax, but there really isn't anything to do. The sunsets are nice though. The photo above is taken from our rooftop.

During our time here we've taken some day trips and weekend trips to nearby places - mainly Todos Santos, San Jose del Cabo, La Paz and Cabo Pulmo which you'll see in this post.

Cumbre del Tezal Los Cabos house
Here is our community and house. On the outside it looks nice but we've had a lot of issues here like water and gas running out, water turning off on its own, things breaking, etc. When we first arrived, we didn't realize that the water and gas do not refill automatically. You need to call the companies to come and refill it when you're almost out.

leftbanked XoloitzcuintleMe and a Xoloitzcuintle dog in Todos Santos. A cute town about an hour away from us.

Todos Santos San Jose del Cabo Los Cabos seafood Los Cabos food Los Cabos Los Cabos San Jose del Cabo paletas San Jose del Cabo Los Cabos food Los Cabos food Balandra Bay Balandra Beach Balandra Beach Balandra Bay Balandra Beach
One weekend we went to Balandra Beach, a very popular beach here in Baja California close to the town of La Paz (about 2 hours away from us). The bay is very popular so we had to get there early. They only let in a limited number of people per day, and only allowed to go in within 2 time slots for 2 hours I think. There is usually a huge line up of cars prior to each time slot. I think we got lucky because we arrived right when the first time slot ended, and they were nice enough to let us in. It's a popular place because the entire bay is very shallow, so you can walk through the whole area without having to swim.

Los Cabos cactus Los Cabos desert road Los Cabos desert


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