849. Mexico Part 1 | Los Cabos

leftbanked despacito los cabos
I haven't updated my blog at all since arriving in Los Cabos 4 months ago. It has definitely been the longest gap in all my (14!!) years of blogging. Since April we've had this place as our base. The first weeks we had some friends visiting from Canada so I didn't have much time. Then in May we spent a couple of weeks in Mexico City and Oaxaca. From there I visited Toronto in June, for the first time since we embarked on this "world trip". It was nice to see my family and dog after so long. I spent a couple weeks there before returning to Los Cabos. Now we are here for a couple more weeks before we go back to Europe/Spain.

So there isn't much to do in Los Cabos. If you're just coming for vacation, I think 3 days is enough to see the sights and everything. Pretty much the only place we go is the beach lol. There's also some nearby towns we visited a few times which I will show in the next post.

Cumbre del TezalOur community and neighbouring community

Ventanas Los Cabos Ventanas Los Cabos Mariscos Pata Salada
One of the first meals. The best garlic shrimp I've ever had! This restaurant is called Pata Salada. They specialize in seafood. For the most part, the food in Cabo is not really good (mostly overpriced and touristy) but I like this place a lot.

Los Cabos droneTip of the Baja peninsula

Los Cabos drone Los Cabos drone Los Cabos Lovers Beach Lovers Beach leftbanked despacito
I guess the ony attraction in Los Cabos is The Arch (first pic of this post). You have to book a boat tour here which only takes about 20 minutes. Along the way you see some beaches including Lovers Beach in the photo above. We had the option of staying on the beach for an hour. Then we got picked up by the boat again to bring us to the Arch.

Los Cabos Lovers Beach Los Cabos boat tour Los Cabos harbour Los Cabos Los Cabos Mexico octopus nachos Los Cabos bbqBBQ dinner when our friends came to visit

Cumbre del Tezal Cumbre del Tezal Los CabosView from our rooftop

Santa Maria Beach Los CabosSanta Maria Beach (my favourite one out of the closest ones to us/where we usually go)

Los Cabos pelican Los Cabos beach Los Cabos beach Squid RoeSquid Roe! I really liked it. It's one of the most popular places here with everyone from seniors to Spring Breakers.


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