18. morineto

1. I woke up after less than 5 hours of sleep
2. ate as much breakfast as I could
3. walked to my illustration class, then textiles lecture, then art history lecture. I love (some of) my fashion assignments. For my illustration class, our homework for next week is to find out what the upcoming trends for Spring 2009 are!
4. walked back home
5. talked to the bellboy
6. went to the harbourfront and got a pina colada smoothie
7. passed by Royal York on the way back to saw a ton of limos, well-dressed people, and stylists (I assume) EVERYWHERE
8. went to Richtree to get a strawberry tart
9. went to Starbucks to get a low-fat chicken bruschetta sandwich
10. ate it out in the courtyard while reading the pages for my Intro to the Fashion Industry class tomorrow
11. came back home

1. do laundry
2. write 2 letters (snail maiiil)
3. cook pasta
4. buy my Miss Marc bag ♥ I hope Holt Renfrew has it in already. I hate going in there and not buying anything lol..as I do way too often.


  1. that outfit is adorable.
    i have a jacket just like that:)

  2. I love these kinds of jackets =D


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