20. Gucci Gucci Gucci

Some photos taken during my first days interning at Gucci.

Before I went for my internship today, I really didn't want to go because I was really stressed about school and making that stupid BIG SHIRT - I just found out I have to redo everything that I've done for the past few days. Anyway after my last class I went to Gucci and it wasn't too bad today..it was actually quite fun. Though I'm not sure why because we didn't do anything particularly fun? hahah. BUT I got to see some gorgeous, gorgeous women's coats and black dresses and omg I want one so badly. I really like being there..the managers/staff there are very nice and the other interns are great too.

Today for part of the time, I wrote notes/invitations to attach to the gifts they're giving to the top clients. I would love to receive one of those VIP gifts someday hahah. Now I feel kind of bad though because my writing was kind of bad. I should've made it nicer =\ The manager said it was 'perfect' though but I think he was just being nice & he's probably redoing them all now..

Lots & lots of belts - when you see so many of one thing, it kind of loses it's appeal..even if it's Gucci



  1. random act of kindness: draw christine a picture.

  2. i like your blog&outfits!!!!!!!!

    kiss :)

  3. I'm working on it christine..hahaha

    & thanks alex =]


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