19. New Intern at GUCCI!!

Last week I applied for an internship position at Gucci and had the interview today.
Welllll guess what?! They accepted me!! I am now going to intern at the Gucci flagship store in Yorkville!

My day didn't start off that great actually. Classes were kind of boring, and I was so worried about going to the interview after school because in my mind, I was about 98% sure I WOULDN'T get the internship. 

So anyways after arriving at Gucci, I then had my interview with the assistant manager. She's really really nice. She took me back to the back of the store..wow it was like heaven in there with all those Gucci clothes & bronze Gucci boxes ♥ hahaha. First she asked me what I was hoping to gain from that experience..I just told her as much as I could..and then she started telling me all the tasks I would be doing. She told me that interning at this time is perfect because the store is being renovated, and their grand opening is in a bit more than a month. They'll be needing a lot of help so I won't be the only intern. So I'll be here for the grand opening and I can meet all sorts of industry people. They're also having the Trunk Show soon & I'll also be here helping for that! What else..umm I'll be helping with merchandising, and keeping track of inventory (they're getting a huge shipment coming in soon!). I'm extremely excited at the thought of opening all those boxes and boxes of new Gucci stuff. I'm also going to be at the front of the store, helping one of the sales associates with their 'top clients' - helping bring clients champagne, clothes to try on, stuff like that. 
The manager also told me a bunch of other stuff about what was going on with the store and the whole of Yorkville. There's a lot of projects happening around there now..including the $5 million condos above the Gucci store, something about a granite walkway..

Then I just tried to ask her as many questions as I could. I asked her about dress code, and we have to dress all in black. So tomorrow, it looks like I'll be taking my day off from school to go shopping again! I think I'm starting there this saturday. Well it's an orientation thing but she said we'll be there for 4 hours? Anyway I'm really excited. & I'm probably making too big of a deal out of this.


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