41. Milan Fashion Week 2009 - Menswear Part 2

Dolce & Gabbana - FW09

D&G - FW09

hmmm I like Burberry & Moschino more. The Paris (Men's) shows will be starting tomorrow..I'm sure there will be lots of good ones. Then January 26th = Haute Couture!!


  1. i'm not too interest in menswear but the first outfit...omg i would love a man to wear that lol! :P it's such a gorgeous colour.

  2. When you put the garbage in the chute, WHY DO YOU ALWAYS LEAVE IT HANGING HALFWAY? lol, are you scared to push it down?

    Also, you need to tie up the bag; you leave it open and when I PUSH BOTH YOUR GARBAGE AND MINE down the chute, I can hear all your stuff coming out on its way down .. don't you have any compassion for those guys at the bottom who have to pick that up by hand? THEY ARE MY HOMIES, DON'T BE HATIN' ON 'EM

    I wanted to say this on MSN, but you weren't on; OH AND DO YOU KNOW SOME OF YOUR STUFF IS STUCK TO THE CHUTE ENTRANCE ... WHO IS GOING TO CLEAN THAT UP? LMAO, and there is some fucker on our floor putting empty wine bottles by the 2nd door ... UGGGH, CAN'T HE JUST PUT IT IN THE DAMN BLUE BOX? FIND OUT WHO IT IS SO I CAN BEAT HIM UP

  3. hahaha
    omg I thought that was you!
    I ALWAYS push it all the way down!!

    you should also RECYCLE your Arizona Green Tea cans instead of putting it down the chute

    & the thing stuck to the chute is a piece of chicken hahahaha

    && the wine bottles are mine.

  4. the D&G military jacket is amazing. oh and this may sound random, but isn't it.. "or are we denser?" i don't know.. oh well

  5. lol no..they said some people thought it was that but it's supposed to be "dancer"

    I actually googled this because it's so gramatically incorrect! hahah


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