82. Canoe | Oliver & Bonacini

Canoe by Oliver & Bonacini is hailed as one of the best restaurants in Toronto. Some friends & I went to go try it out recently. I absolutely LOVE the view and atmosphere here - it is located on the top floor (54th) of TD Centre, right in the middle of the Financial District. Without a doubt, my favourite in Toronto. Perfect place to go to impress a date or to celebrate an anniversary.

Unfortunately I only brought along my cell phone as a photo-taking device so hopefully these bad-quality photos are enough to tide you over until I come here again with a proper camera.

We had the best table on the corner and stayed here throughout the sunset. Quite romantic. Oh & the food..absolutely delicious. I'm not sure if they have an official dress code but everyone here was dressed up, with most of the men in suits.


  1. I love all the food you're trying out. Some days I wish I could be a food critic so it could be my job. Although it'd be hard not to gain weight, haha.

  2. lol all the food I try out are desserts though

  3. i love the dessert in your first pic omg - so hungry! :P

  4. it's soooooooo delicious heheh ;]

  5. omg, hi!
    i've just stumbled upon your blog looking for info about Petite Thuet.
    Ahh I've never been, but your food pictures look AMAZING! eep! who's the nicest one there that i should look out for*winkwink*?
    i'd love to try their bread, think i'll try to snag a macaron from them and *sigh* such glorious pastries!

  6. hahah you should go try it!! everyone who works there are really nice. the breads are really good and definately try some of the pastries :)

  7. omg, no lie, the opera cake - chocolate and hazelnut...heavenly!
    AND the eclairs, i'm swimming in sugar! and i got 2 complementary macarons too =)
    was it the older gentleman who sticks by the cash that you usually get a little somethin' somethin' from too? he's so nice! =D

  8. lol you went today?
    are you talking about the one with glasses? yea I think he's the one who opened the place lol

  9. I've gone back today for more desserts. I think I've become addicted! It's the man who's in the the tie like everyday. I've seen him there through the windows a lot when I'm passing by. I wonder if they're in the business together...hrm
    Had the lemon tart today - could just close my eyes and imagine I was away in Paris. The French music on my ipod also helped that daydream heehee

  10. ohh him..no he works at 1 King West. he's like the food manager..or something like that I'm not sure hahah but yea he's really nice!

    you work in the area?

  11. yeah i like to pop by whenever i can to satisfy the sweet tooth =D


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