84. Toronto | Shangri-La Condo Hotel

Nice package delivered by courier to me this morning, from the most amazing building to be completed in Toronto in a few years...the Shangri-La!!!!!
It's sooooo luxurious..ahhhhhh ♥ Click on the link & go to their "residences" page. My next condo-dream is to own one of their private estates suites. Shangri-La was originally founded in Hong Kong, which is probably another reason why I love their hotels so much.

They sent me these things..a large coffeetable book about the building & a novel called Lost Horizon (the name "Shangri La" originated from this book). A few people I know have told me they were thinking of getting a place here..which is the reason why I've spent the past few days glued on their website/dreaming about this building. Gosh I want to live here so badly.

Condo-Hotels are the new trend right now. I wish they wouldn't build so many though..makes my place less special. My building is the first "condo-hotel" in Toronto I think.
All the new ones are really luxurious..like the Trump Tower, Ritz-Carlton, 1 Bloor..ah I want a suite in all of them. If I ever become a billionaire, I would collect properties. But obviously in more exciting cities around the world.


  1. I want to live in a condo-hotel! Especially that one since the kitchen is so awesome and I could just live in the kitchen! :P

    Why can't money grow on trees?!

    Btw, How does Hypnotiq taste? I'm old enough to buy it but I just always wondered the taste.

  2. hahah yea..I love awesome kitchens..even if I don't cook

    you should get a small bottle to try! it's hard to explain the taste - a bit sweet and fruity

  3. I never bought any bottle for myself, I'm too afraid to become alcoholic lol.

    I can't believe you meet so many people that's crazy. Maybe that's the advantage of living in a hotel.

    Plz Invite me on your other blog, I want to read your dark side :P
    alexandrekow at gmail.com



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