81. Just keep it in its box

So many good things happening in life these days, meeting a lot of new people, going out a lot, drinking a bit too much Hpnotiq, the usual. There's so much funny "drama" going on in life lately. It was fun at first but now it's getting a bit tiring so for the next week or so, I'm gonna try to avoid certain people who need a "cooling off period".

My friends & I recently went to the beach. I hate Toronto beaches. Too dirty and so many dangerous sharp things hidden in the sand.

Hpnotiq #1, #2, & #3. *not pictured: #4, #5, #6...you get the idea*
That night I was drinking with ____ in our 1 King West lobby where my night started getting a bit crazier (of course).
Edited: The super long entry I wrote here previously has been deleted. I'm too paranoid about the wrong people finding my blog! All I will say is: life seems more and more like a movie these days. The good kind of course.

Another night, my friend Chris & I were drinking in my lobby when we met this crazy Russian guy. At first I thought this Russian was extremely cool as I love everything Russian, he was all artsy, and wore Alexander McQueen shoes. Lesson learned: don't judge a guy by their shoes!!

We were all on the couches and the lobby started clearing out. It was past 2am and the Russian kept talking and talking to us. He kept asking us to go to his condo for drinks (like a block away from mine/where we were) Suddenly my friend Chris goes outside to make a call. Awhile later my phone rings & it's Chris telling me the guy is really crazy and won't leave until he could convince us to go back to his place. So I got slightly scared. Chris comes back in and makes an excuse that he has to go upstairs for something when he's really going to my floor to wait for me. I talked to the Russian guy for about 10 more minutes when suddenly he asks me to stand up and see if I can walk in my 5 inch heels. He takes my wrist and tells me to go to a really cool club with him. I just said no and that I was tired so I start walking to the elevators..he follows me and blocks my way. It was almost 3am so the lobby was pretty empty and I didn't know what to do. I think this guy thought I was really drunk and that I would be easy because it seemed like someone pressuring me to take drugs lol (like he was saying how "funky and cool" this place was and I'll really like it). He started to get really pushy and finally one of the reception table guys walk by and I told him to make sure Russian guy doesn't follow me up. So finally I make it to the elevators and onto my floor alive, to find Chris waiting there. We talked for a bit until he left to catch the sunrise.


  1. i'm too lazy to log onto my account since i am no longer faithful to it. lmao

    Tiff, your summer sounds so adventurous ;D <3
    and omg, crazy russian guy; carry pepper spray! xD

  2. hahah I know..I definately need some of that!
    I've only been going down there for about 1 week..can't imagine how many crazy people I'll have met by the end of the summer

  3. I still cannot believe the drama that's happening not only at 1 King West but everything else!! Quel surprise! haha

  4. haha just call ___ , little fucker ! next time i think ill put something else in his drink hahaha. Its funny how all the guys there are the same , they all try to get you to drink, and they all compliment you and your friends constantly. but I guess you have to act as nice as you can when you try to butt into someones conversation.. we barely got to talk about you know who ! .. starts with mr... haha . Well sorry i left you alone with crazy russian prince, next time i wont be afraid to hurt his feelings. Well hope your not having too many drinks down there right now !

  5. haha wow wild night, I can't believe all that happened after we had dinner lol. Does Russian Guy live in your building btw?

    Remember what happened New Year's Eve in your lobby? It's not surprisingly how dramatic it is now, now that I remember New Year's Eve lol.



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