86. Hong Kong | Afternoon Tea at the Peninsula Hotel

I know I've been really bad at keeping up with this blog. I want to post all the pictures from my Asia trip but I'm so lazy with resizing pictures and all. In case you're new here, I was in Hong Kong, China, Macau, and Japan way back in May. I've made a few posts on this trip but I've been going slower than turtle pace.

So here are some from the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. Located on Salisbury Road on Kowloon, it's one of the most luxurious and well-known hotels there. It has a helicopter landing pad on the roof and an impressive fleet of Rolls-Royce limos.

Here are some photos I took when I went for afternoon tea with my mom there.

The afternoon tea is located in their lobby. It's very well-known. If you are visiting Hong Kong and are a fan of afternoon teas, you MUST come here for it. Next time I'm in Hong Kong this is definitely on my to-do list again. Great food and perfect atmosphere!



  1. any pics from Japan?? would love to see them!~

  2. yup I posted some already (check the travel or asia tags) but I still have a lot more! will post them soon

  3. omgsh the hotel looks amazing *_*

  4. Amazing place

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