87. Late-Night Adventures

Recently my friend Mark (who also lives in my building) & I have been at our lobby bar literally every single night and staying up until ~5am every.single.night. We just sit down there, go bar-hopping, eat breakfast in the middle of the night at 24hr diners, come back to the lobby, lounge on the couches, go back to our rooms to sleep until late afternoon the next day, then repeat it all again. Lots of fun.

One night we decided to wander around our building. Here is our ballroom. It was so creepy coming here! I seriously felt like we were being watched. I looked up on the balconies (located a floor above) & I swear I saw the curtains moving.

This would be the Royal York Hotel. It's located 5min from our building/1 King West. It was almost 2am when I suddenly had a craving for a sour apple martini at the Royal York bar. Even though we knew it would be closed, we decided to go to the hotel just for fun. We just lounged around the couches but left before the security guys got too suspicious.

Walking back to our building at 3am. This is the "courtyard" I guess..with a very nice fountain.


  1. tiffany! i keep forgetting. may i have an invite to your private blog? leslie_x0@hotmail.com ..

  2. Hi Tiffany! I really like to read your blog. May I get an invite to your private blog? georginatms@gmail.com

  3. what camera did you use to take your pictures in asia?
    the quality is quite nice.

  4. its just a regular Sony Cybershot one..10.1 megapixels..I don't remember the model name lol

  5. oh did you know that gucci has a canadian site now? lols i remembered you always wished they had one :P

  6. yea one of my friends told me that awhile ago lol..hopefully the christmas sale items will be good


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