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Two nights ago I was down at my bar with a few random people..then my friend Sunny (he lives in my building too) & I went to Pravda! We got there like 45min before they closed.

I had a glass of Cavalli Vodka. I usually don't like vodka..but at least it was designer vodka hahah.

Then on I went shopping at Holt Renfrew with Sunny again. He got a really cool shirt but I didn't buy anything..I'm so broke these days =\ lol well fortunately there's nothing I REALLY REALLY want...I kind of stayed away from the women's section so I won't be tempted. Though we did go to Louis Vuitton afterwards and I've decided I must get something from the vernis bleu nuit line. It's so gorgeous.

My friend & his gf came over to visit me one night & we snuck up to drink on my patio. Unfortunately we got caught by security since it's illegal to drink there..hahah.

Spending way too much time at my lobby bar these days. But I'm meeting so many interesting people. The bar is like my living room. I'm spending more hours down there than I do in my suite..
I'm sure everyone experiences some "turning points" in their lives -- well on Tuesday night I had another one of those, after a memorable conversation with someone.
I've been here at 1 King West for a year now (moved in last August!). A year ago I would never think my life would turn out like this..I mean with all the people I've met and all the crazy things that happen down there every night. I've learned a lot these past few months from every single person that I met. I really love living here.

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