105. I didn't know whether to pose or be arrested

Yep, another Pravda post. Went there on Monday night with some people from my building. Drank a lot of champagne; Cristal & Dom Perignon..I took a few of our empty bottles/boxes home because they were just too pretty lol. Since it was a Monday we were practically the only ones there. Ended up staying until closing time though/when all the lights were turned on.


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  1. Nice souvenirs lol! The bottles come in such nice boxes :P
    It reminds me of how I want some souvenirs from Gucci.. like boxes and garment bags. Don't think they'll let me take any though!

    I seriously cannot taste the difference between regular champagne and dom perignon. I suck at taste tests

    Today (at gucci), a couple used their black amex card (wife had a plastic one and husband had a metal (?) one).. the second time I've heard of the card until you mentioned it in your post! I looked it up on google...and that card is insane :S


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