111. Living is easy with eyes closed

Souvenirs from the other night at Pravda! I went there with some other people in my building, drank lots of champagne, ate lots of strawberries, Russian tapas, stayed there until well after they closed, had Chinese food with the Pravda stuff, came back to our building and stayed up until 7:30am in the morning in one of our rooms. It left me physically exhausted for the rest of the weekend (& even now), but it was one of the best nights I've had so far at Pravda!

First we started off with food..beer sliders, charcuterie, perogies, black caviar..

Then came the champagne & strawberries

Newborn babies! Cristal & Dom Perignon

A little later on the champagne flute-stacking began..yes, it came crashing down

At the end of the night we each had at least one glass poured on our clothes

Lights back on = closing time

The staff invited us to eat takeout with them after they closed

Back to our building. We all went to someone's room, drank some more until the sun came up.
I will miss these days (& people) when they're over and gone..

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