106. Fake Venice | Macau

I have such an urge to take a spontaneous trip right now. If I could I would honestly just forget about school for a week or two and fly off to Prague or something. Life experiences like these are way more important than school anyways. Looking at my previous vacation pictures don't really help since it just makes me want to go somewhere even more..and reminds me of how much I want to relive all those moments.

Well I thought it was about time to do another picspam of my trip around Asia from way back in May! Here are my photos of The Venetian in Macau, or what I referred to it as - Fake Venice #1. I went to another "Fake Venice" on this trip..you will probably see it in an upcoming post.

So we took a ferry from Hong Kong to Macau (the "Vegas of Asia"), then one of the Venetian buses shuttled us around on a tour of the city then to the casino/resort. When we went there, half of the Venetian was still under construction. It was SO beautiful inside.

Loved the cloud ceilings

"St. Mark's Square"

Dinner at a Portuguese restaurant (Macau used to be owned by Portugal)



  1. There's a place in las vegas that has the exaact same interior as the ones you posted. I forget the name..which is quite sad, but it was so beautiful. The "sky" would change colours, and they had gondolas!
    I guess that's what happens when you go with a tour group.. I remember the interiors of places I went into, but don't remember the names of the buildings/casinos because we went to so many!

  2. lol maybe it was the Venetian as well? if they had gondolas..


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