119. Le Papillon

Sunday evening I went for dinner at Le Papillon with my dad and my sister, who came downtown. It's a French-Canadian restaurant with the most amazing chicken crepes. I love this place..and already have plans to come back again with my friend another night this week.

My crepe - chicken, mushrooms, celery with tarragon sauce.

What my dad & sister got

My yummy dessert strawberry crepe

On another related note - here's a really crappy low-budget video Raekwon filmed at 1 King West last year. I remember the night they were filming it. I just saw it for the first time tonight though. Someone in my building showed me..they also posed beside his motorcycle hahah. & the famous white Lambourghini!

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  1. I love Fuzzy Navels, but yes I agree with you about the classy name...I always feel silly asking for one.


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