121. Last day of magic..

Souvenirs from Pravda last night..I haven't had one of those crazy "Pravda nights" in such a long time it seems. It was so much fun though. Especially in the beginning when we were trying to get a table/booth hahah. It involved my friend faking a horrible British accent.

The past couple weeks have been fun..I just realized how nice life would be if only I didn't have to worry about school. My mood has been on two extremes these days - thinking about school makes me so depressed but all the other stuff (like going out last night) made me realize how much I love life right now.

The night began like usual. Me & some other people from my building (+ my friend Amanda) went for drinks and dinner across the street at Irish Embassy. We've been at this place like every other night this week. I mainly go for the eyecandy, aka the cute bartenders..

Then over to Pravda. The table took us awhile to get..they were all booked for the night but eventually we got one. The staff didn't want to give us one at first since there was only 4 of us and all the tables were reserved but eventually as we decided to walk out they came after us and said there was one available.
Ended up being a very fun night: perogies, champagne, strawberries, other mixed drinks, fake British accents & real British accents!

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