145. the gossip tonight will be tomorrow's headline

Today was one of those nice and relaxing summer days (well I guess every day is like this for me lol). I spent the day in Yorkville.
First I met up with my sister on her lunch break at a little restaurant inside one of those small houses behind Yorkville Ave.

Then I went to the ROM, which was the main reason why I went to Yorkville today. In a few weeks they have the terra cotta warriors exhibit here. Today they had a special presentation which was members-only & since I'm a member/barely use my membership, and I love the terra cotta warriors, I thought I would go.
Here's the theatre where they showed the presentation. A little too eager, I was literally the first one here and sat by myself for a good 20min or more.

I don't think a lot of people know about the terra cotta warriors (well at least not a lot of people I know know about them..) but personally I think it's one of the most amazing archaeological discoveries. Only about 1% of the entire tomb has been excavated so far, so I'm really interested to find out what else they will find in the future. I've never visited Xi'an/the tombs but my dad went there a bit over a year ago. I actually posted a few of his pictures and talked about it briefly in this post if you're interested. I want to go there next time I'm in China!!

After the presentation I went to L'Espresso by Bar Mercurio. They have such a nice garden patio (pretty big too!) and there were a lot of people there. I'm not sure how to categorize this place. It's like an espresso bar/cafe/restaurant.
Sat here for awhile with my fruit tisane tea doodling away..typical summer pasttime!

This would be Vertical, where I went recently with a couple friends. I really love their patio! This place is located literally a 2min walk from my building so it's quite convenient.

Some of my magazines and coffeetable books collection!


  1. I LOVE your blog, it's so special and unique! I can't wait for more posts :)) Really really like it :))
    If you have the time, come check out my blog, I think you'll like it :)) Also, there's a giveaway going on at my blog now, I hope you join :))

    giveaway: http://fraupixiedust.blogspot.com/2010/05/my-first-giveaway-make-up.html

    Have a great day hon :))

  2. Thanks, glad you like it!!

  3. I'm glad you wrote to me :))) As for your obsession with Russia, that is something we have in common :))
    I am currently learning the language and while it is quite hard, my mother tongue is an advantage as they are both slavic, so it is easier for me to learn :)) But still difficult :))
    Have you ever been to Russia?

  4. hihi, I wouldnt mind either :)))
    Oh, luckily I speak German already (I currently live in Austria :)) And I've studied french for three years, but I stopped this year... I do, however, have a certificate saying I speak french (which is ironic, seeing as I am not fluent at all!)

    No, I've never been to Russia. I'd love to go - especially seeing as my boyfriend is Russian :))

  5. Well, french is really difficult...

    Vienna is very beautiful, like a fairytale city. It wins the best living standard every year - and for a reason. I've never seen anything like it. I haven't seen much of Austria though: never been to Innsbruck unlike you, for example :))

    I know, I'd be really interested in seeing the culture. Also to get to understand him better :)) (but... they're men... they're easy to understand unlike us :)))

  6. looks like you had an amazing day. i love the summer time :)

    Anna Katrina

  7. .. I really really love your logo , it's so dinamic picture ..
    ..that tea looks so great , I am a tea lover : )

    Ellinelle xxx

  8. Ah this looks like a cool day,
    the food looks particularly good.

  9. the place looks so cool! love it :)



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