150. Toronto | G20 Protests

As most of you probably know, riots and violent protests broke out in Toronto today. The crazy anarchists went around smashing windows of banks and stores as well as setting police cars on fire. This burning police car was just steps from my building! (on the corner of Bay and King) When I saw it on the news on tv I actually got scared. Some people in my building actually went to see it but I stayed in..saw the smoke from my windows..well I was also busy watching the World Cup to go check it out anyway.

I did go outside in the evening. There were tons of riot police surrounding my building. I took a lot of pictures on my camera, but right now I'm too lazy to upload them all so here are some I found on various news websites:

This was also on my street

I predicted this kind of thing would happen so that's why I wasn't one of the many people complaining about the money spent on security. It could've gotten so much worse - I've seen/read about what happens at riots in other parts of the world (like France) where they set fire to everything and overturn cars on the streets, etc. Apparently it'll be worse here tomorrow..hopefully the police will just gas everyone before they do anymore damage.

Sources for the photos used in this post: Toronto Star & The Globe and Mail


  1. omg are you freaking kidding me
    wow that's something i never saw before wtf!!

  2. yea, and especially in Toronto =\

  3. It's quite unbelievable what our city has turned into. Stay safe :( At least things are on their way of getting back to normal now..

  4. omg--this looks SO SCARY!!! be careful :/
    I hope they resolve this soon!



  5. omg this is amazingly crazy. This would NEVER happen in Atlanta or many parts of the US. Have you seen the show COPS? Our cops fucking hit girls they would kill some rioters!


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