147. World Cup 2010

I LOVE this song/video!! & I love the World Cup. I've been trying to watch every single match of it live. I even woke up at 7am this morning to catch Netherlands vs Denmark. My top two teams this time are Germany and Netherlands. I love France too but I honestly don't think they'll get too far, unfortunately. I really miss Zidane too so it's not the same..lol. Now Thierry Henry is my favourite player on the France team.

I've loved soccer/football for as long as I can remember..my dad loves it too so maybe that's how I got into it - we used to watch the games all the time at home. As for how Henry became my favourite player: it took place in summer 2005 when I was in Scandinavia..more specifically, on an overnight cruise ship from Denmark to Sweden. It involves a football team of Swedish boys and one in particular wearing a Henry jersey. The rest is a story for another time..I'll never forget that night on the cruise heheh. (That's also how my love for Swedish boys started)

Also got these cute limited edition world cup bottles!



  1. omg this song is so amazing!
    everytime ti hear it it makes me happppy :D

  2. Such a nice song - thank you for posting it. That drink looks very inviting, too. Enjoy the Day, my lovely;-)

  3. foot ball is everywhere xxxx

  4. The video is so awesome!! Truly brings the essence of World Cup together. It's so nice to see Nelson Mandela - it breaks my heart that he had to be hospitalized after he heard about his great granddaughter's death before the first game.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    & yea it was so sad.. :(

  6. i love this song! theyhave a version for latin america featuring david bisbal. this should have been the official world cup song and not shakira's waka waka....

  7. yea I don't really like Waka Waka lol..
    some places are saying this song is the official song for the world cup =\

  8. Love the song! World Cup!! Woo hoo! :)

    xx rk


  9. that song, that drink, those soccer boyssss.. i love it ALL

  10. I haven't had time to get into the games this year. I missed the brazil vs. korea game. ahh. Anyways, great that ur in the spirit.


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