274. Prague Castle | Favourite Day

On my final day in Prague, I decided to visit Prague Castle. It was so spur of the moment..I almost ran out of time and made it there shortly before it closed for the day.
I'm really glad I went, not only because I got to see the castle but mainly because of the people I met there and what we did that made it one of the most memorable nights of my entire trip. & also one of my favourites.
Now that I think back to it, it was kind of dangerous too but at least I made it back alive..

I have always heard that in Prague, most of the taxis you see on the streets are illegal. It's advised that you call a taxi company for one instead of just waving one down on the street as the taxi driver might try to scam you. But luckily taxis there are very cheap (which was perfect for me, considering I just visited London & Copenhagen right before Prague..the 2 cities with ridiculously high cab fares!) So I took a taxi to get to the Castle and did my own sightseeing for awhile:

As I was getting ready to call a taxi to leave, a group of Slovakian guys came up to me and asked to take pictures with me. I hesitantly agreed and took a bunch of photos of them as well, which I won't post for privacy reasons. But they reminded me of those guys from the Hangover hahah: one guy Justin Bartha-ish (♥), one Bradley Cooper-ish, then one who looked and acted exactly like Zach Galifianakis. I met about 8 of them, & literally only one spoke English. It turns out he's a hockey player who briefly played in the NHL (I didn't believe him at first but a quick Google search confirmed it was true). So me being Canadian, naturally we bonded over hockey. I'll call him "M". Since M was the only one who spoke English, he ended up being the translator for his other friends, who all spoke a combination of Slovak, Czech and German to me hoping I would somehow understand.

M told me they live right by the Czech-Slovakia border so they're in Prague almost every weekend just for the beer. They asked me to go to a little pub/bar with them to try the beer. At first I didn't want to go because I was tired and in heels (if you know what the streets of Malá Strana are like you'll understand my pain) but then I ended up going.

The looooong way down beside the Castle..seemed like millions of steps. The Slovakians, being all gentlemen-like, held on to me as I made it down slowly (nts: next time in Prague I should wear flat shoes). Every section of steps they asked if I was ok or needed a break.
At the bottom of the stairs, I saw we had to walk another steep and narrow alleyway (with deadlier cobblestones) to get to the pub. Seeing my hesitation again - suddenly M grabs me, lifts me up and carries me the rest of the way (I'm usually not so high maintenance!)..images of him dropping me and cracking my skull on the cobblestone immediately flashed through my mind..

So here is the pub..it looked like a hole in the wall. Literally like a cool little cave. The ONLY thing they served was the famous Czech beer (Pilsner Urquell..the first Pilsner beer in the world). I'm not a beer connoisseur so to me it tastes like regular beer, but the Slovakians come all the way to Prague JUST for this beer so I'm sure it's considered quite good.
We stayed here for a while. Some other people they knew were also at this pub so I was introduced to more people..including a couple that spoke English. Good timing as M was getting drunker and not doing his job as being my translator so well by this point.

After we left, they wanted to show me around the city a bit more. They brought me around "local" areas; the places far away from tourists, aka the places I was familiar with..so I quickly lost all sense of where I was. But I figured the guys seemed nice and safe so I went along.

They brought me in the subway. Apparently it's the 2nd deepest in the world?

Last stop - another bar where the bartender made the drinks extremely strong. By this time, they all had plenty to drink and kept trying to convince me to go back to their place. Their place was conveniently located close to this bar. They said we could have dinner at their place. I declined.
I just said I was leaving, turned around and started walking down the street. They came after me trying to persuade me but I kept walking without turning back. It was no use trying to argue as it got harder and harder trying to communicate with them (M was not being such a good translator anymore. Should've kept him sober.)

So I had NO IDEA where I was. Walked, and walked, and walked (it was a quiet street by the way. No tourists in sight.) I finally got in the first taxi I saw. Decided to risk it as I didn't have a working phone to call a legit taxi company. The driver spoke no English but eventually he understood where I wanted to go. & very luckily, he brought me there without trying to scam me (or worse?) I was so afraid I got in one of the illegal cabs but I had no choice. I even mentally created these scenarios in my mind that I would jump out the cab if he kept driving to sketchy areas. I don't know, maybe the taxis aren't as dangerous as the stories I've been hearing but I prepared for a worst case scenario.

I ended up here, being greeted by the perfect view of Prague Castle.

Overall, a very fun day that I'll never forget. I'm glad I met those Slovakians and went to all those places with them..as I wouldn't have gone by myself. It's always fun to be taken around by locals.

PS - Some details of the day left out as this post is getting too long already. Plus I don't have so many photos that day as I kept saying to them "WAIT let me take some pics first". I hate being all touristy around non-tourists lol.



  1. ah..the photos are so familiar..lol:) I did went to the castle too. I didn't take the taxi though!! and the subway, the second deepest? I just knew the deepest is in Moscow.LOve the last photo Tiff!!!!


    1. thanks! yea Moscow's is also the most beautiful!

  2. Quite an adventure! Love to read this and see these beautiful photos. I would have liked to see what M looked like...

    When I lived in Russia, I'd take private cabs (locals giving a ride against payment) all the time. It's common in Eastern Europe but I would totally never do this at home.

    1. thanks! I had so many fun adventures there, especially Prague. Maybe I'll start writing more from now on. I almost posted their photos but then got paranoid they might SOMEHOW find my blog lol
      yea I guess it's fine if you knew who the drivers were. I need to be more prepared with transportation next time.

  3. reading your blog always always made me want to travel instantaneously!!
    love all the pics~ they are always so amazing!!!!!
    i hope i get to travel more often and have something new to share with you, too~~ :D

    beer!!!!!!!!! :D

    1. aw I hope you get to travel soon too!!
      Writing these posts makes me reminisce & want to go back again so badly..

  4. Wow breathtaking and thanks for the heads up on taxis too!

    Have a lovely day!

  5. I love those cobbles streets, so pretty (but definitely in flats!) Glad you had a fun time, I think we all worry about the worst and sometimes you have to live a little on the edge for experiences we would never get being 'safe'!

    Luxx Mint

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  7. What an adventure! It sounds like an unforgettable night, I want to visit Prague also now!
    From Paris with love!
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  8. sounds like a great day. I have to make it back to Prague one day. it's been way too long. and it's such a beautiful city!!!

  9. You take really lovely photos, I really want to go to Prague now.
    I love travelling too, did an around the world trip last year for 10 months which was incredible.
    I'm now following you, I hope you could stop by mine and follow back if you like it x x


    1. I'd love to do an extended trip around the world someday too..
      followed you back!

  10. What an adventure! Glad you made it back safe :) Love you stories!

  11. You are very brave my dear, travelling alone and letting you go with strange people but you had a great time at the end so thats really important, fun and safe.
    I has a nice time reading your long post, I haven't been in Prague and loved your pics.

    1. yea it's just important to always be in public areas to remain safe..that's why I didn't want to go with them back to their place.
      Thanks! :D

  12. Wow, what a story. You are very brave. I would probably have those scary scenarios in my head all the time. And I always had the same thought in those type of cabs in Russia: If anything goes wrong I will just jump out =) Luckily I never had to use this plan and I am glad - don't think it's a good idea =)

    Thanks for sharing with us this great adventure. The photos are awesome.

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

    1. lol I prepare for worst case scenarios all the time.. you should always have an escape plan, just in case of anything

  13. Gorgeous photos! Glad you made it back safely!

  14. I want to travel!!!^^


  15. Liked your facebook page! Glad to be connected! ;)

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  16. such a great story! love the pictures and remember prague like it was yesterday :D thanks for bringing back the memories in real still pics. btw I know those steps were far too many, the castle was amazing, didn't manage to get in! went by the cathedral tho.
    And the subway was quite deep, damn!! btw, Prague is great.. as long as you don't go outside the city center...then it gets really grey and horrible :p


    1. I remember it like it was literally yesterday too..
      those steps were so nice though! I wish I took more photos of that area.
      yea..definitely not gonna wander too far away from the center again next time lol

    2. hope you didn't miss the golden alley (the alchemist little corner with shops and stuff :P)
      I've been in 2009! I wanna go again really :/


    3. nooo I didn't go :( I just saw photos of it..it looks so nice. I didn't have time to go everywhere I wanted..really wanna go again too!

  17. you're a brilliant photographer! impressed!:)
    thank you for passing by http://error1324.blogspot.com/

  18. followed on bloglovin', off course!

  19. Such great photos, looks like an amazing trip!
    xo K

  20. I wanna visit Prague so badly!!!! enjoy your time there ;)


  21. Thanks for the visit and comment on my blog! :D

    Lovely pics!! Prague is beautiful!!


    Have a nice weekend!! ;)

  22. I love the photos of the castle and were you scared when they tried to convince you to go to their place? That's pretty brave of you to wander around with them but that's cool you got to go to local places, I always think that's a plus when you travel, also why I enjoy travelling myself than going with tours.

    I know what you mean about being touristy around non-tourist or even taking photos around friends that don't haha Sometimes I hesitate and don't take photos but I always regret it in the end! Now I always remember that I should never be embarrassed or feel bad for taking time to take photographs! In the end that's all there is left to show for my trip, besides memories.

    1. I didn't end up going but I think it was because I was more annoyed than scared. One guy was SO pervy he kept touching me when he knew I didn't like it. I'm pretty sure the others were harmless but I knew it wasn't a good idea to go anyway so that's why I left
      I know hahah..like when I go out for drinks/dinners with people who aren't into the whole photo-taking thing I try to only do it discreetly. But on trips I usually do it anyway..since I end up regretting it too

  23. That's some really pretty pictures :-)


  24. Guess stayin up late and sleeping in late recovers back the hours u lost :) I bet u can sleep quite well.

    Ure so bold to explore prague on your own and with slovakians that you bearly knew. Im amazed with the courage you had. Glad it went all fun and well for you if not you wudnt be able to experience it the Local way. :) Now i know to be careful with taxis in Prague. Good thing you found ur way back to hotel. cant imagine you in those heels the whole event. hehe..Mr M does sound like a nice guy afterall.

    1. at first I was a little nervous travelling alone but then I quickly got over it. I tend to do things impulsively a lot and don't think of possible consequences that much lol.
      yea I think he was nice but not completely trustworthy..I totally believed they would bring me back home safely like they said =\

  25. Omg beautiful! Seems like ou realy had a great time! :D
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    See you there! :D

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  26. Prague is a beautiful city, love it!
    And i love your blog:) i follow you now. I invite you to visit my blog.

  27. Absolutely stunning images my new friend! I am so glad you commented on my site because I would have never found your site! I look forward to your posts and your photography!!

    1. Thanks Jeff! I'll be following your blog as well :)

  28. The photos are breathtaking! I would love for us to follow each other! I can get lost in your blog! ;)


  29. Hi,Tiffany!
    As i see u have spent great time in czech republic! All photos are lovely!
    PS.it is so true fact about taxis!!

  30. Prague looks amazing! Definitely want to go there sometime.
    I think you're really brave for going with them Slovakians.. I don't think I would've had the guts to go. But I'm sure it's okay as long as you use common sense, exactly like you did and thank god you had fun and came home safely:)
    I really enjoyed your story!!


  31. These pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us :-)

    Dainty and Decadent

  32. wonderful town, great post! thank you for sharing. oh Prague... <3

    Greetings from Berlin


  33. Nice post ! I also miss this city, she is so special ! one of the most beautiful city I've been to...

  34. Beautiful beautiful photos Tiffany!! I must to visit Prague for sure!:)
    Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  35. Stunning Prague! I love Prague!
    Beautiful pics!



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