298. Staycation | The Grand

Grand Hotel Toronto rooftop hot tub
I spent a night at the Grand Hotel earlier this week, for my final staycation (in the next little while). I was really impressed by this hotel - a lot more luxurious than I originally thought and the interiors are beautiful. Very European style.
It's not in the most ideal location, but they offer a complimentary shuttle service to bring you around most of the downtown area.
In the top photo you see one of the rooftop hot tubs with an awesome view! The rooftop terrace is actually really big..two hot tubs and a large open area:

Grand Hotel rooftop
Grand Hotel entrance
Love the entrance. As I arrived and walked up the steps, a doorman on each side opened the doors for me.

Grand Hotel Toronto
This is what you see right after you walk in.

Grand Hotel lobby
The lobby.

Grand Hotel Toronto hallway
Hallway of my floor.

Grand Hotel Toronto welcome gift
Walked into my room to find this - always nice to receive a personalized welcome note, and a bonus if it comes with a gift! My room was a Junior (1-bedroom) Suite. It was huge! Kitchen, bathroom, sitting area, patio (with patio set), King bed, desk area, two TVs..it was just like an apartment. (The Grand is actually a condo-hotel as well so that's why it has so many amenities, perfect for long term stays)

Grand Hotel Toronto kitchen
Grand Hotel King bed
Grand Hotel bathrobe washroom
Grand Hotel pool
The beautiful saltwater swimming pool on the bottom level (with some maintenance workers at the back..) They also have a fitness centre, steam rooms, sauna..
So after a long relaxing bath, I went to sleep and set three different alarms so I would be sure I'd wake up in time to try their buffet breakfast.

Grand Hotel Citrus restaurant
Grand Hotel breakfast
Grand Hotel patio
Delicious!! Too bad the weather wasn't warm enough to sit out on the patio. I checked out shortly after breakfast & used their shuttle service to get back home. That same evening my friend and I returned once again to their restaurant for dinner.

Citrus restaurant Toronto
Burrata cheese with pumpkin and spiced pumpkin seeds + tuna tartare

Smoked chicken parpardelle pasta
Smoked chicken parpardelle

Butterscotch budino

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. Wow, it is a grand and beautiful hotel. The food looks delicious. The view of our City is breathtaking too. It would be fun to go swimming too.

  2. I would stay at this hotel. Great views, delicious food and a luxurious setting. More than enough for me! Have a good weekend.

  3. WOW this hotel is stunning! I really love the hallway!!

  4. It is...Grand. lovely photos!
    love your blog dear, how would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC?


    1. thanks for following hun, just followed you back and like your FB page too :)
      have a lovely weekend!

  5. Great photos! I have yet to visit Toronto and have a sister living there right now - so might make my way over in the spring time. :) You'll have to give me tips for the best hotels to stay in and best restaurants to eat at. I like your style when it comes to that stuff. :)



    1. you definitely have to visit..sure, just let me know :D

  6. It coudn't be any better

  7. The hotel looks really cozy. I like the fact that they have kitchen areas. The food looks delicious and the view from the roof is just amazing. I'd love to spend a couple of days there ;) Thanks for your review.

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  8. Hmmmm,Grand Hotel looks as good place!

  9. omg that's a lovely hotel! love the pool area :O and the first pic is just amazing


  10. That looks amazing!!! I'd love to stay there one day!

    Sophisticated Lace

  11. Omg this is so amazing, the swimming pool is so pretty.

  12. That looks absolutely amazing, especially the swimming pool! Lovely!

  13. This hotel certainly looks befitting of its name. The decor as well as food look good!

  14. I never get sick of looking at hotel rooms! I find them fascinating! :D

  15. looks like a wonderful place! the room is like a little apartment and the view from the rooftop terrace looks nice. the first photo with the sun reflecting is stunning!

  16. Catching up on your posts tiff :) hehe cant agree more with the above comment but i also always scroll down and read and stop at the food pics and admire them and want to eat them haha.


  17. Looks so nice but to be extremely truthful I don't always like these types of expensive hotels, they seem to pretentious and stuff to me. I also judge a hotel heavily by it's lobby <--terrible I know >< The pool area looks aaaaamazing though and something I would imagine how super grand turkish baths are hahaha glad to know their breakfast was good though! Was dinner there good? I'm always amazed at the people who can still have tea and coffee after dessert, I'm stuffed! Sometimes I wish my stomach was bigger so I could eat more but still be the same size haha

    re: I wish I came to toronto now so we could have afternoon tea together and if my small dog was still alive I'd bring him so your dog and my dog could have....dog time hahaha

    1. yea some expensive hotels are definitely pretentious..but this one was good. The lobby is a big factor for me too! It determines your first impression after all..
      The dinner was really good as well!
      aww yea that would've been fun lol. I just found out about this Christmas tea at the Ritz Carlton hotel called the Teddy Bear tea or something..I want to try it so badly!

  18. wow...I LOve your hotel review tiff!! really..ahahah. I wish I can stay at luxury hotel through out my travel but it's impossible in africa:P...hey, I have advise also, sometimes renting an apartment (of a city)can be of great find. Try it next time:)


    1. I've never stayed at apartments while travelling but I'm definitely going to do it next time I'm in Paris!!


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