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Old Town Square Prague El Toro Negro
Every time I look at my vacation photos of Prague I think to myself "sigh I miss it..I need to go back asap". It's kind of funny - when I think back on the first solo vacation I ever took this year, even I find it hard to believe everything went smoothly and I managed it all by myself (as sometimes I have trouble finding my way around Toronto hahah) 1 month, 7 countries, countless flights, trains, new acquaintances, overcoming my fear of dining alone in restaurants, etc..
Anyway I am off to another staycation in the city right after I finish this blog post so I'll make it quick:

Old Town Square Prague
Astronomical Clock Prague
Old Town Square Prague
Old Town Square Prague Czech Republic
Normally I am very bad with faces - I forget what acquaintances look like within mere minutes of first meeting them but I will always vividly remember what the four backpackers who sat across from me on my first Tube ride in London looked like. Three girls, one boy, looked about 19? We all got on the train at Heathrow's tube station on the Piccadilly line. All I had with me was my Alma bag as Air Canada had unfortunately lost/delayed my luggage, so without having to worry about lugging around a heavy suitcase I decided to attempt the Tube for the first time.
The backpackers all had a huge backpack (naturally), extra suitcases and took up half the aisle. I sat directly in front facing them and thought "wow these Tube trains were not made for the claustrophobic". I was sitting there in the middle of what seemed like mountains of luggage around me (as most people got on from the airport) I was exhausted and stressed out of my mind wondering if my luggage would ever return..so the entire ride into the city I stared straight ahead at the four backpackers, listening to every single word they said and watching them eat every bite of their sandwiches (behind my sunglasses..I didn't want to seem so obviously creepy). So I think that's why I remember so clearly what they looked like.
Anyway the point of this long story...
I spent 2 nights in London, 2 nights in Copenhagen, then went on to Prague. I arrived in Prague, dropped my luggage off in my hotel and walked straight to Old Town Square. I sat down and who's the first (of first 4) people I see walk past me? The four backpackers from London!! That was when I realized how extremely small the world was. I had the same incident when I arrived in Paris but I'll tell that story another time..

Old Town Square Prague
Prague architecture
Prague marionettes
These marionettes were my favourite souvenirs from Prague. I wanted to buy every single one of them. In the end, I didn't buy any..partly because they were too big for my luggage and partly because I thought every time I looked at one it would bring a certain memory I do not want to remember..lol (again, another story for another time)

matryoshka dolls
Matryoshka heaven!! I got way too excited when I saw all these Matryoshkas in every souvenir shop (I collect them) I spent so much time trying to decide which one to get. Then I was told they didn't have much to do with Czech culture/history so I decided not to get any. I'll stock up next time I visit Russia so they're more authentic and special.

Prague moon night
Prague street food
Praha train station
Prague train station
After Prague I was supposed to go to Munich. I missed not one but two trains/buses to go there..that was probably a sign I should've stayed in Prague! lol.

Prague souvenirs postcards

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  1. Good memories. I love the backpackers story; I've experienced similar situations. It's amazing when it happens. Can't wait to read what happened in Paris and what the marionettes remind you of...


  2. I always dream of going to this place - tnx for sharing this photo.

    Comment on my new post:
    Santa, I want these for XMAS


  3. We love travel pics!!!!

  4. Prague is beautiful city in Czech Republic:) I was there at New Year in 2010/2011:)

  5. Your travel I travel pictures are amazing. Haven't been tomPrague. It is one of the cities I would like to visit. I know the feeling of traveling alone. Overcoming fear of eating in restaurants. Etc. But overall, it is a very good way to travel because you can do and go wherever you please. Enjoy our staycation in the City.

    1. I decided on Prague last minute..and I'm so glad I did! you should definitely visit sometime..
      for sure - travelling alone is a bit scary at first but in the best possible way

  6. Lovely photos!! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I am now following you on GFC! Hope you will come back and follow if you want! ;)



  7. whoa! that sure is lots of matryoshkas! i think little versions of them are kind of cute :)

  8. lol...it's so funny how different have different travel experience:)..really!!! to me, I really dislike Prague, it's like a theme park to me:P...it's just like a lot of people do not like the country I like:) BUT..prague is beautiful...I have to admit:)

    have a great day honey:)

    1. Prague is a party city but there is also a lot to see!
      I know what you mean though..I am the same way with some cities everyone else loves too lol

  9. really great post!
    prague is amazing


  10. wow what an amazing place! and lovely pictures,
    thanks for sharing your trip with us <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  11. I like this post a lot:) I love Prague a lot, for me this city is simply sensational.
    This must be so different from Toronto right? :))

    1. thanks! I totally agree..& yes, entirely different from Toronto!

  12. I really love prague! it isn't far away from where I live in germany, so I know this city very well! can't wait to come back soon!

  13. Perfect destination for Christmas!!!


    1. I would love to go there for Christmas/the Christmas markets! it seems even more magical that time of year

  14. Now I want to visit Prague asap! Sounds like you had a great time there.
    Kristina recently posted.. Guilty-free Cheesecake.

  15. Yes it is such a small world! I had a similar thing happen to me in Hong Kong with a creepy middle aged man LOL. These photos, as always, are so dreamy, I'm feeling my European travel bug nagging me too now! Sigh, another one to add to the list hehehe!


  16. You had so many adventures! =) The world really is small - the feeling must incredible when you saw the backpackers again in a completely different place.. Love the photos! Enjoy your staycation ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  17. Beautiful pictures, and love reading all about your trips! Yes its true the world is really small. Last year I ended up running into my friends from Greece three times in the same day in Milan, without even knowing that they were there. xoxo ES

  18. oh prague! i want to visit so much!! everyone i know that has been longs to go back and lists it as one of their most favorite places. as usual your photos perfectly capture eye level images that make me feel like i get to have a little visit. thank you!!!

    1. I hope you will get to go someday! A lot of my friends say it's their favourite city as well..

  19. very nice pics :D so cool, especially love the one of the clocktower!

    I'd love to back and visit


  20. wow! I'd love to visit Prague, it must be a wonderful city!


  21. Prague looks like a fairy tale. I expect Cinderella and her fairy godmother to pop out any minute! Does it look like that all over or only the larger more popular areas? I'm glad that everything went smoothly on your vacation too and lols to that story about running into the other 4 travelers! That happened to my bf on our vacation to Paris, he say some guy that we saw at another tourist destination on another day, he's really good with faces unlike me lol

    P.S Ugh, I keep forgetting to take a photo of my mums collection, I promise to have one soon ><

  22. Gorgeous photos!


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