297. Photos of the Week

Aria ceiling
I love the ceiling at Aria! Came here for a lunch the other day.

I am having the most unproductive Sunday. Time for another random photos-post!

Aria Toronto salad
Fall greens & root vegetable salad, white balsamic vinaigrette, spiced walnuts

Aria chicken supreme
Pan roasted supreme of chicken, warm fregola and mushroom salad with porcini jus (SO GOOD!!)

Aria dessert tiramisu
Tiramisu & green tea

Leftbanked outfit
Owners' meeting at my building - partly (ok, mostly) went for the delicious food

Skyfall James Bond tickets
Pre-screening tickets for Skyfall! I thought the movie was amazing..definitely need to go watch it again. Lots of action & I loved the Shanghai scenes. Go watch it if you haven't yet!!

Tickets courtesy of Heineken and The Royal Few (awesome members-only website) - I have a bunch of invites, does anyone want one? There are many perks to being a member..though most are Toronto-based for now.

Broofield Place Christmas Lighting Ceremony
Brookfield Place's Christmas event the other night. I look forward to it every year..it's mostly a fundraising event with performances, silent auctions, lots of food, drinks, and Christmas music. Very magical evening.

Brookfield Place chocolate fountain
Brookfield performers
Canoe Toronto
After Brookfield, my friend & I went to Canoe for drinks. My favourite spot in the city. Great atmosphere, delicious food & amazing views! It's located on the top floor (54th) of TD.

Canoe tea
I'm not adventurous with alcohol but I am the opposite with tea - love getting the ones with the longest descriptions. This was the Lavender Sunset, which included: peppermint, balm-mint, black currant leaves, chamomile, lemongrass, rose petals, lavender, orange flowers & heather flowers. It smelled heavenly.

WVRST Toronto beer hall
Yesterday night: went to a few places on King West; started off at Bier Markt, then WVRST

wvrst duck fat fries and sausages
I had a bratwurst and my friend got the Italian one. We shared the duck fat fries (they were good but my favourite in the city is still Beer Bistro's). I also got a Pilsner Urquell beer..which reminded me of that day in Prague :)

wvrst duck fat fries dipping sauces
With the fries, you have the option of 2 different dipping sauces. My favourite is the BBQ

Spice Route Toronto
Our last stop - Spice Route! One of my favourite lounges in the city

Spice Route Toronto patio
I miss warm summer nights on this patio..

Toronto Christmas tree

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  1. Ahh delicious looking food! Do you mind sending me an invite? Thanks for always sharing great things with us! =D

    1. sure, what is your email?
      (they will probably expand but most of the perks and benefits are just for Toronto right now!)

    2. avongx11@gmail.com
      I was wondering about that too...only if you got an invite to share i'll really appreciate it. Thanks!

  2. I have to go see Skyfall when it comes to the movie theater in my town! I'm so excited for it!
    All the food looks great, and your pictures are great too! :)


  3. Skyfall was amazing!!


  4. I might watch the movie - Nice photos!

    Get it today ! ! !
    SWAROVSKI BAG Giveaway

  5. Great to see what you've been up to; so many exciting events! I'm now also following Redsquared. Great site!


  6. hey! nice place i see!
    Oh and thank u for you congrats!

  7. Addicted to James and….. Christmas is coming yeah!!!!


  8. I am enjoying all of your evening sojourns and gastronomical adventures in our city! I am looking forward to try Aria. The food looks delicious in Aria.

  9. Great photos! All that food looks SO good! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  10. Love the lamps on the first picture and I'm going to watch Skyfall this Wednesday I will tell you about what I think later
    I'm also being really unproductive lately Autumn cold its killing me.

  11. Oh I like the pictures a lot! Just the way a great week should be like. And thank you very much for det kind comment on my dinnerparty photos, I was very satisfied with the tablescape myself

  12. OMG there is tooo much food porn here for my brain to handle! Ahhhhhh! Soooo hungry LOL!


  13. Hi! Im Fran, a spanish male fashion blogger. Maybe you like ym style and want to follow me


    twitter: @showroomdegarde

  14. that tea sounds heavenly! im like that with tea as well. loved the photos and my boyfriend has been trying to get me to go see the new Bond movie with him but I haven't given in yet. Not a fan of Daniel Craig in Bond's role but I've heard so much positive feedback that I'm starting to wanna go see it too...

    1. you should go watch it! A lot of people think the same, but they say this one's the best he's done so far!

  15. wasn't a fan of Sky Fall. I thought it was pretty boring compared to Casino Royale. Definitely not a fan of Craig as Bond either. Just can't get the two together :/

    btw the food pics made me so HUNGRY! haha


  16. OMG the chicken looks amazing!! and I love the last picture!! :D


  17. I thought Skyfall was a great movie too.
    Do you mind sending me an invite for TRF, only if you have any extra? :)
    My email is andreayuen@gmail.com

    Thank you in advance!

  18. great photos! I watched Skyfall twice already =)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  19. ok ive gotta say how do you keep such a slim figure and still indulge in all this fooood? ahhh so lucky to have such great genetics. hehe i havent seen the James Bond movie yet and its really not my genre so i might give it a miss. lolol heard from some people it wasnt that good =s


  20. I'd like an invite, wait what's the royal few? haha I'm just joking about the invites but I probably would ask if I lived in toronto =P Before my bf left for Vientnam he bugged me to watch the movie with him but since I'm not a Daniel Craig fan I didn't budge, I sort of feel bad and guilty now hahaha The chicken does look good, looks so crispy with a nice sauce! Oh that tea fort is so cute, I've bought those for people but never for myself because I feel like you need a specific height tea cup for it but I usually use mugs for my tea =P As always your outfit and alma are gorgeous!

  21. I never knew Brookfield throws an annual xmas event... definitely need to go explore the city more often! I'll take an invite if you still have some extras? :)



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