338. NYC | The Met

The Met European Sculpture and Decorative Arts
On a very rainy day in New York, we decided to visit The Met. We went on a Friday night when they opened til 9pm. It was my first time there and I LOVED it. I realize now we didn't get a chance to see even half of all the galleries. I would definitely love to return someday. I took so many photos there my camera actually died before we left. Here's part 1.

The Met
The Met interiors
The Met atrium sculptures
The Met European Sculpture
The Met archer
The Met Fleur de Lis tapestry
The Met sculptures hallway
The Met bust
The Met fireplace King Louis
The Met hotel lobby replica
The Met palace replica
The Met
The Met
The Met European sculpture
The Met Medieval gallery
The Met Arms and Armour
The Met knights in shining armor
The Met Van Gogh portrait
Jackson Pollock at The Met
The Met Contemporary and Modern Art

PS: some of you may remember the invite-only blog I had before, where I typed out way too many of my private thoughts and feelings. The entries became too cringe-worthy when I read back so I deleted it all. Well now I started it again on my Tum-blog. I used to have the link on the sidebar here but now I took it off (it was my "photo-a-day blog") I find that blog easier to update than here because I can update whenever and be more honest. So if you're interested and somehow remember the link..go over there because I'll be updating that blog more often from now on!

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  1. I love the Met! Must have visited it five or six times. I could easily spend an entire day there...

    1. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would..would definitely go back!

  2. My friends and I enjoyed The Met too. I think it is one of the best Museums in the World. They have the best parties there too as in Vogue.

    1. I'd love to attend the Met Gala sometime!


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