341. "tell me what you know about dreams"

Burberry trenchcoat Louis Vuitton Alma Clover Canyon Louis Vuitton outfit
Kind of hesitated about posting this, but here is the link to my more private blog if you're interested: RedSq2. Haven't had much inspiration for this blog lately. I write a lot more on that blog, whereas this one is a lot more public so I hold back on more personal thoughts.

O&B Cafe Grill Front and Yonge patio
Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill Patio
watermelon cocktail
mac & cheese
My friend & I went for dinner at the O&B Cafe Grill patio on Friday night. I got the watermelon lemonade cocktail + mac & cheese. I have to say, that's the best drink I've ever had there AND the best mac & cheese I've had ever!!! Need to return for it. The O&B patio is also one of my favourites in the city.

Bier Markt
Brookfield Place Stock Pile
Luminato installation at Brookfield Place

1 King West patio
Pink skies = rainy days

Walked my dog to the harbourfront earlier today. It was the busiest I've seen it so far this year - completely packed with people, dogs and way too many strollers. It was like 36 degrees today plus a lot of humidity. Too hot for me but hopefully my arms and legs got a few shades darker from the couple hours in the sun.



  1. Not sure my earlier comment was recorded. Just said that I the mac and cheese looks delicious and I haven't had any for a long time. Great pics as always; love the pink skies even if they mean rainy days.

    1. Was just thinking the same of writing that I haven't had mac and cheese in like forever :) Guess great minds think alike! ;) Have a great day ladies xoxo ES

  2. Love your trench and bag and the food looks delicious. Great pictures!

  3. I feel hot already, love the bag and your dog must have loved the walk x


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