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Brookfield Place Clouds Brookfield Place clouds
Clouds in Brookfield Place. One of my favourite installations they've done so far.

Pravda Pravda
Extremely crazy/fun Pravda night! Details of which are not appropriate for this blog. ;)

selfie YSL Y-Mail
brunch Outfit LV Keepall
Commerce Court Commerce Court elephants
This is essentially my "backyard". I love it here..one of the places I'll miss the most if I ever were to leave..

Yonge Street $20 bill
My building is the small one in the center + my lucky $20 (in my pocket) bill

Earls The Keg



  1. The clouds look cute - you just want to lie on them and fall asleep. I also love the last pic. What an amazing sunset!

  2. The clouds looks so cute and fluffy. Wonderful views of the City. Enjoy your summer.

  3. You have such an amazing "backyard"! How did the $20 become your lucky bill? Did the drawing on it contribute? Lovely lovely sunset!

    1. I just randomly found the $20 bill..I consider any money I find to be lucky ;]

  4. Omg, I think I've been reading your blog steadily for one year or more and finally! A close up! You're so pretty we need to see more of you hahaha Anyways I agree with the others, the clouds look so comfortable, perfect for a nap! Your backyard is gorgeous, I especially like the elephant - which reminds me, how does Hennessy go bathroom? Does he use a pad? Or perhaps one of those faux grass things? I always wondered this for people loving in apartments and such.

    Love how you're still rocking the boots, boot season year round. Oh and those clouds look like cotton candy!

    P.S Does your lv duffel get heavy after a while?

    PP.S I wanna know the inappropriate details now hahaha

    re: I think Budapest sounds wonderful though I'm sure all the other places are too! or Barcelona! That's nice your pooch is well looked after when you're away, is he a social dog? Mines doesn't care much for other dogs. I was thinking of going to Turkey or Greece next year for my big trip but I don't know if that will be happening anymore as I've been "growing up" and making some decisions in my life. (no! I wanna stay young like this forever with no cares and spend every penny!)

    1. hahah thank you!
      yes I have pee pads for him at my place but I still walk him about once or twice a day.

      it depends how much I put it in. I don't use it much when I'm not travelling actually - I only use it here when I need to lug my laptop around somewhere. & yea it does get heavy because I don't have the one with the shoulder strap so I just have to carry it everywhere!

      yea he's well socialized..he loves all other dogs! He always gets super excited when he spots one on the street.

      Turkey/Greece are near the top of my list!! I really want to visit Istanbul..but can't do it this time since it's a bit far from London and I want at least four days there. Also Greece would be very romantic to go with your bf!

  5. Hey Tiff, reading your conversation here with Suki, you should definitely come and visit Greece and go island hopping! You will love it. :) Those clouds look amazing, love all your photos xoxo ES

    1. I would love to someday!! Seeing a Santorini sunset is on my bucket list


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