350. Munich | Marienplatz, Englischer Garten, + Giant Pretzels!

Final post of Munich. I was in Prague right before, and actually missed my train/bus to Munich TWICE! Slept in the first time, went to the wrong bus stop the second time. I think that was a sign I should've just stayed in Prague, because I didn't have that much fun in Munich unfortunately. It is a nice city but I had such high expectations for it and ended up being disappointed. Although I loved Hofbrauhaus and the hotel I stayed at was amazing! The Biergartens were also fun and preppy German men were nice to look at. Anyways.

German food
German menu
Menus were all in German but luckily my German friend was there to translate/order for me. I really like German food. My favourites there were the schnitzels & pretzels.

German food
Englischer Garten
The English Garden

surfing at English Garden
Giant pretzels
Biggest pretzels I've ever seen in my life!

English Garden
English Garden
view from the hotel
View from my hotel room

Konigshof breakfast
Great breakfast - didn't take so many photos here as the server was watching like a hawk

Final drinks at H'ugo's

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  1. Haha yeah sometimes missing a bus can be a sign ;-)
    The pictures are stunning as always

    Love from Cannes xx


  2. I have to say that I also had expectations of Munich that didn't match reality but it was okay in the end. Love the pics; the food looks great and I agree with you: German food rarely disappoints!

  3. Yes your twice missed bus must have been a sign! Those pretzels look great, I could eat one right now......

    Luxx Mint

  4. love the pics, they look pretty good. the view from the hotel room looks sick, tho I have been to munich and it is indeed ultra small town!


  5. Glad to see you had a good time! I am German and I don´t realyl favor the food but it sure is an experience :)


  6. Sorry you didn't have a great time in Munich, actually that just happened to me on my most recept trip, it was really underwhelming (I know you must be like, Suki we can't be friends anymore, how can you not like nyc LOL). Though the photos you took are really nice as always. Omg what is that guy doing in that park? Surfing?! Is that allowed?! I see a no swimming sign...

    I think you still managed to snap a good photo even with the server acting like a hawk lol why do they feel the need to do so anyways, maybe next time you can even ask them to take a photo for you hahahaha btw I'm not sure if I asked this before but what camera do you use on your trips? I'm thinking of getting a point and shoot since I'm tired of carrying my bulky camera around =(

    1. lol I don't blame you. I never liked NYC much before either..I only started to like it more this year
      yea the surfing is allowed hahah. There were lots of people surfing in that area

      I don't remember why I was so nervous to take a pic..I think there was a sign there that said no cell phones/cameras? it was a pretty formal place so I guess they didn't want people snapping photos of everything

      I use a Sony..I forgot the model name but it's an "advanced digital" one. It's not as big as a DSLR but it's bigger than a point and shoot. I understand what you mean - too bad small cameras don't come with so many features :(


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