348. Copenhagen | Amalienborg

Amalienborg Palace
In my previous post I said I had to finish posting the rest of my Europe photos from last year in the next month...well that's because I'm going back there in September!! Not for that long though. I will be in London. I can't say the reason for my trip just yet, but I am not going there just for fun this time. I'm actually pretty stressed about it right now. I think I should have time for a weekend getaway to another city but I haven't decided where yet. I want to go to a new country I've never been. I'm very tempted to go back to Prague or Paris though..or of course Scandinavia. Here is the final post from Copenhagen..one of my favourite cities!

Amalienborg guards
Danish Guard
Amalienborg Palace
Danish guards
Marble Church
Marble Church
Marble Church
Marble Church Ceiling

Copenhagen is a fairly small city. I would say a couple days is enough to see all the main attractions. On the first night, I stayed at the Phoenix Hotel which wasn't quite as I expected. It was appealing when I first booked it because the decor is Louis XVI style, but when I got there I realized the place looks a lot better in photos. My room was also really hot as the A/C didn't work properly. The location was perfect though. Just a few steps from Nyhavn on one side and Amalienborg Palace on the other. I liked the staff too. They were really nice and helpful. The room I got cost around $200/night which was not worth it. The rest of my time there I stayed at Hotel Fox which I loved! I highly recommend it and would stay again. (My review here!) Here's the Phoenix:

Phoenix Copenhagen
Phoenix Hotel Lobby
Phoenix Copenhagen Entrance
Phoenix Hotel
Phoenix Hotel

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  1. I should give CPH a second chance... We now have direct flights from Lux and the only time I was there I did more partying than sightseeing, so... yeah.

  2. Copenhagen is a fascinating City to visit. I would love to visit it one day. The palace and Church you featured here are so beautiful. It is a very clean city too. Your Hotel recommendations are good too. Thanks. Pamela

  3. Ohhh! You lucky gal, wish I was going to Europe next month. Am supposed to be going at the end of August but things are not looking good :o( either way will live vicariously though your travels!


  4. Always wanted to visit Copenhagen and your pictures makes me want to go there ^^

    Love from London xx


  5. I'd like to visit Copenhagen, in the summer. The architecture looks lovely.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I wasn't sure where to answer your question so I have left it on my blog. I hope it helps x

    Luxx Mint

  6. For some odd odd reason I always thought you used an apple laptop or do you have a sony one for travel? I'm just purely curious btw lol I have a toshiba myself =) I hope you will be stress free soon! >< Though that must mean it's something quite important! Oh I also vote for visiting a new country! I know how it feels to be tempted to go back to the same places again and again but I don't think you will regret visiting a new country =) (remember your nyc phase not too long ago? haha)

    Seeing all your Europe photos make me want to scratch my vacay plans for next year and book one of those crazy jam packed Europe tours hahaha but I shall refrain myself from doing so =P

    Hope you and Hennessy are doing well!

    P.S Who does he stay with when you travel?

  7. great photography dear, would love to visit copenhagen sometimes! it just looks incredible


  8. Amazing photos. Copenhagen i such a beautiful city :-)
    I guess you have never been to Poland. Warsaw (capital) and Cracow (old capital) are definitely worth seeing.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Magdalena, Krakow is one of the top cities I'm considering! I would love to visit.

  9. You take beautiful pictures, and you are making me jealous I have never visited Europe.

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin

    with love, Cassandra xx

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