389. Dessert Tasting at Canoe

Last Thursday night, I went for a dessert tasting at Canoe. A friend of mine who also frequents Canoe knows the chefs there, who got them to organize a special dessert tasting just for us. All the desserts we tried are still unavailable on their menus (except the Japanese Rice Cake). It was a great night! I met some new friends and had a 6-course dinner of all desserts at one of my favourite restaurants, with the perfect view.

My friend and I were the first ones there.

dessert tasting menu
Robert Gonsalves is the pastry chef there. After he came out to introduce himself and explain a bit about the desserts, we started with the first course.

Canoe dessert tasting
First Course: Floating Island (with poached meringue, roasted rhubarb and pistachio cream). I really loved this one, just wish it was a bigger portion.

Canoe desserts
Canoe desserts
Second Course: Baba (with lemon sabayon, poppy seed cream, fennel pollen meringue). I loved the meringue. The balls were filled with/soaked entirely in Screech Rum. They were way too strong. I was only able to eat half of one.

In between the courses I took more photos of our beautiful view..

view of Toronto
CN Tower
Canoe dessert
Third Course: Apple Verrine (with poached green apple, iviore emulsion, cinnamon crumb). Everyone loved this one. It was one of my favourites as well (I love all apple desserts!). A variety of textures and temperatures combined to create a delicious dessert which tasted similar to apple crumble - only better!

Canoe Japanese rice cake
Canoe dessert tasting
Fourth Course: Japanese Rice Cake (with Okanagan hazelnuts, green tea custard and red bean sherbet). I believe this one is currently available to order on their menu. This was another favourite of mine. The "rice cakes" are nice and chewy.

Canoe dessert tasting
Fifth Course: Canoe Chocolate Bar (with puffed rice, banana butter and smoked marshmallow ice cream). The smoked marshmallow ice cream was my favourite part. I didn't like the rest of it too much. It's very very very chocolatey (& I'm not really into chocolate)

Sixth Course: P.F (with white chocolate & black fig mendiant) Loved these macarons!

Cane Toronto view
Cane Toronto

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  1. Fantastic opportunity! I would have enjoyed every single moment of this dessert tasting. And the view is just so so stunning!

  2. Great views from Canoe Tiffany. These desserts look so delicious. I bet you had so much fun!


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