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St Lawrence Market fruits
My mom and I went to St. Lawrence Market yesterday afternoon. I live quite closeby and come here a lot. We ate at Buster's Sea Cove at the back. I have been to the market so many times but never eaten there before - I actually didn't know it existed until yesterday (since I normally don't go to that part of the market). They serve all types of seafood. It's sooo delicious! I got calamari (below) and my mom got a seafood orzo which was amazing. I definitely want to go back for it again.

Buster's Sea Cove calamari
Hennessy Pomeranian
Hennessy Pomeranian
Cora's breakfast crepes
Union Pearson Express
I went to the airport last week & took the opportunity to try out the new Union Pearson Express trains. I think they just started operating a few weeks ago. It was quite a comfortable ride. Almost empty when I was on. It really gets from Union to Pearson in 25 minutes flat!

Union Pearson Express Toronto
Toronto highways
IQ Food Co
Alexander Wang dress Alexander Wang Spring 2015
My new dress!! It's from the Alexander Wang Spring 2015 collection. I tried this on at the store but they only had a Small size which was way too big on me. Luckily I found an X-Small online at Saks & bought it..& it arrived today!! It's still a bit big on me but I really love it.

I also tried this fuschia dress by Maje. I really want it as well but the smallest size (that they make) is still big :( The area around the hips is really loose. It's so hard for me to find perfectly fitted dresses! That's why I really love Clover Canyon and AQAQ as their sizes are perfect for me..but unfortunately I don't like anything from their new collections.

Maje dresses Maje fuschia dress



  1. You seem like quite a foodie :) The food in the pictures looks delicious... I'm a great fan of seafood too. Glad for you that you found the XS version of the Alexander Wang dress!

    Bold Bliss

  2. I enjoy visiting market too. Your seafood meal at Buster Cove looks good. That's a nice discovery. Your Alexander Wang dress is gorgeous. Very nice colour and style.

  3. Everything here looks amazing, especially the dresses! It's a shame the Maje dresses didn't fit you properly, they are beautiful!
    Danielle | www.escapingessex.wordpress.com

  4. The calamari look delicious! And your new AW dress is amazing.

  5. the dress is amaaazing! looks good! nice pictures.

  6. I've been living in Toronto for several years now and I still haven't been to the St Lawrence Market! I definitely need to visit someday. Great photos :)


  7. AMAZING travel pics and I LOVE that cute dog haha :) I hope you hav had a great week so far.

    Check out my new post - a Scandinavian dream house:)

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor


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