476. A Long Overdue Update / Recent Life

Beer Bistro salmon
Once again it's been so long since my last update. But my sporadic updating habits will be changing soon, as I have just planned a semi-last-minute vacation! I will not reveal where I am going yet but I'm sure some of you know already. This month has been one of the worst months for me..I haven't really been in the mood to update, plus I have been super busy with work. So I thought it was time for a vacation.

Here are some photos from the past few weeks of what I've been up to lately. BTW - a few weeks ago was my birthday! So some of these pics include what I did for it. Actually not anything too spacial lol since I'm not too big on birthdays.

In the photo above is the organic grilled salmon from Beer Bistro. I live right across from this place but pretty much all the times I went before, it was just for drinks (Fruli/Strawberry Beer in particular). I can't believe I never had an actual meal until that night. The salmon is soooo good. It's probably the best salmon I've ever had. They serve it on a bed of couscous (really delicious as well, and I usually don't like couscous) and a salad with really good dressing. I really want to go back for this.

Sharetea Bubble Tea
New obsession! I've always loved bubble tea but I only get them occasionally as there aren't any bubble tea shops close to me. I'm so happy to have recently found that Foodora delivers from Sharetea. It's so good. But expensive..(impulsively ordered several over the past two days/spent like $65 total..ahh. Craving it again now though as I type this.)

Saks Fifth Avenue menswear
Menswear section at Saks Fifth Avenue. Love the outfit on the right!! (Love navy blue)

O&B Cafe Grill
breakfast crepes Cora's
La Societe Toronto
La Societe brunch pancakes
My birthday/Easter brunch with my dad at La Societe. I'm not sure what happened with this place but unfortunately it's not as good anymore. A few years ago I really loved it. One of the reasons why I enjoy blogging is to document my life and to look back on the past...such as in THIS POST you can see the exact same thing I ordered (2nd pic) looks a lot better. They even had way nicer plates and cups. That was from a few years ago.

Williams Sonoma Easter jelly beans
Toronto financial district
Birthday gift from my sister!

Pistachio Salmon The Keg
finance stock investment books
My growing collection of stock investing/finance books. Slowly going through them all.

Speakeasy 21
Speakeasy 21 Mac & CheeseDinner/catching up with my friend Jen at Speakeasy 21. Their sweet potato mac and cheese is sooooo good.



  1. I didn't know that it was your birthday. Wishing you a belated happy birthday! We'll make a toast next time we see each other ;)

  2. Happy (super) belated birthday! :)
    That sucks the restaurant didn't live up to what you remembered it to be, it's a shame when that happens. Did you try the blueberry jellybeans from William Sonoma? I wanted their Christmas bark back in December but could't justify the price for just chocolate at the time. Next year though! Are the finance books difficult to go through or do they make for a good tea and snack book?

    I hope you're doing well!

    1. Thank you!! I didn't actually! Their jellybeans looked good packaged but they didn't look any different from those jelly belly jelly beans you can find anywhere else
      I really love their Christmas stuff though! I don't like chocolate really but their peppermint bark is really good
      They're pretty interesting for me! Most of them are not really "serious" like they use humour in it as well.

      You too! :)


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