567. Renovations | Part 6

blue velvet bed
I am currently blogging from my new bed! If you follow me on my other social media, you may know I came down to my place for the first time since the renovations as my bed finally arrived! Well I only came down for the weekend. Heading back uptown for the next few days to finish up some final shopping (cabinet door handles, kitchen faucet, side tables, etc) then probably going to come again towards the end of the week. I am still waiting for the rest of my furniture and appliances to arrive as well as my washroom vanity and basically my entire kitchen. I really can't wait until everything is finished..I've already been waiting 3.5 weeks & counting so far!

leftbanked outfit
Hennessy & I at my building's loading dock..opening the door for the delivery men.

hennessy leftbanked
Watching & waiting for them to set up my new bed.

blue velvet plush bed
Here it is! I got all blue bed sheets as well. At first I was afraid the colour scheme of my place would be a bit too masculine but I guess the style is pretty girly so it balances out lol.

leftbanked renos washroom
My washroom! I loooove the tiles..they even put it on the ceiling as well. So beautiful. By the end of this week my vanity should be here. I'm so excited to see how it all comes together. I hope the colours all match. I went to buy new towels and a bath mat today and spent forever deciding on which colours to get. I ended up with a grey bath mat, light blue and cream towels. I will post everything again once it's all complete.

coconut water
Drinking copious amounts of coconut water..as usual

Schwarzkopf shampoo
I also had to get new hair products. I love these Schwarzkopf shampoo & conditioner..they smell amazing!

library bar royal york hotel
Another visit to the Library Bar of course.

library bar desserts



  1. Your new bed looks amazing! The colours match perfectly.

    1. thanks! it's soooo comfortable as well


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